Millet home Jingxian fairy sister"

Millet ZA

qudongzhijia· 2017-12-01 09:14:17

is not only millet millet home sellers, is also a gathering place for many Rice noodles, some interesting things happen here.

Chengdu millet home today to two special guests, who wear the special spirit fairy came to experience millet Note 3.

for Chengdu Xiaomi home, the fairy sister also came across to buy millet note 3.

for beautiful girls, mobile phone self timer has become a necessities of life. Xiaomi Note 3 is a self made mobile phone specially designed for girls. Its front camera uses 16 million pixel camera to create the most number of pixels in the front camera of millet series. Needless to say a huge boost in

high pixel image quality is the key to bring, front camera using 2&mu m; synthesis of large pixel pixel technology, a larger area is brought about by the photographic ability stronger, better image quality under low light environment.

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Millet home Jingxian fairy sister"

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