If a child does not understand how to get along with the world, all education is in vain.


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chatted with a colleague in front of me, and she told me her recent distress:

daughter graduated for a year, but recently she was unemployed and at home. She was unemployed for the third time after graduation.

daughter was not like this before. In the student era, her performance has been quite excellent. We have brought her the best kindergarten since childhood, and the best primary school, middle school and high school has always been the top student in the class. Because of the outstanding achievement of the school, the famous university has been directly protected.

also took a number of scholarships during the University and often delivered a speech at the class meeting. But I don't know why, it has changed completely after the work.

and colleagues could not call the former leader daughter asked the leadership, then let her anxiety: your daughter work attitude, do not say do not take the initiative to arrange their work, always procrastinate, but also can not accept criticism, said his temper.

listened to the former leader, and his colleagues were surprised. "My excellent daughter has always been my pride. I also feel that I am a successful mother, but how did it happen at once? "

", I think, things must not be "suddenly" bad.

, this girl has always had some bad characteristics, such as bad communication with people, no respect for others, weak psychology and poor sense of responsibility … … just before graduating from University, all of them were concealed by their achievements.

many parents have a wrong thinking - children, healthy and happy results are all OK.

, so when she was two years old, you made breakfast for her, taught her to learn English words, but she didn't teach her to be polite and polite. She took anything else and saw her elders without asking questions. So she after working in a quiet office to eat snacks to speak loudly, met leaders turned a blind eye, feel behoove.

, when she was five years old, you asked her to learn book, law, piano and Taekwondo, but she didn't teach her how to play with her children. She occupied the public toys by you. She was bullied and you helped her to fight back. So after working with her old colleagues, she grabbed the computer for performance, always invaded others unconsciously, often clashed with people, and did not know how to solve them.

when she was ten years old, she has not admitted you focus on outstanding be praised, but did not tell her to respect teacher her gratitude to parents, elders do you think courage, raise a hue and cry, she did not eat when others seated gobble down you think she is good enough. So after the leadership clip vegetables she turned the table to open the door, leading her to the car, meeting with the leadership of her Laoke, also did not realize what's wrong.

when she was fifteen years old, your heart is all she can be admitted to a good university, but did not teach her how to make a strong heart, a cold teacher her grades dropped, relatives of a gossip she is angry, you and her hatred, think are teachers and relatives. As a result, she wanted to resign a few sentences after work, and she was terrified and unbearable.

when she was twenty years old, you think she could find a good job, but did not tell her the human nature complex and hard, she is not willing to eat a little bitter. So after graduation she was a poor plus a class on the face of my colleagues complain incessantly, isolation, infighting, devoid of coping ability.

she may have been admitted to a famous school, a high degree, and even a lot of talent as you wish. But, she is selfish, indifferent, fragile, not responsible, no sensible … … completely incompatible with the society.

in the sea of society, she has just started the water, there is a huge rejection reaction. Others drizzle, is her other small waves, a dangerous situation, are her tempestuous waves. The boat of

friendship turned over, the great ship of work sank, and the great ship of life had leaked.

her head broken and bleeding, you at a loss.

society is the ultimate standard for testing a person and a pair of parents. And this standard is comprehensive. I met such an intern in

a few years ago.

, she is a junior trainee arranged by a normal university in China. When she first came to the company, she helped the front desk and the administrative staff clean the office hygiene very much, and she talked and laughed, and her colleagues liked her very much. Her job is to

class, to make students every weekend usually, she would be in class several days ago to prepare lesson plans, and through the exchange of information education method to experienced teachers, sometimes also will come to my office initiative, her ideas and methods that I listen to.

remembered that a funny thing happened. She stopped talking when she spoke. I asked her what happened. She threw up her tongue and laughed. "I see you are concentrating on sneezing. My dad says don't disturb people who are sneezing. "

was an independent two - month internship, and she had been taking children in class independently. I had quietly observed the way she looked in class and was passionate, very rare in the past.

I think so far, this girl, no matter what unit, can do well, will be very popular. And her nurturing, friendly, sense of responsibility, initiative, and anti - frustration, must have her parents' credit.

remembered she once told me that every time her parents called, she asked questions: did you help the teacher today? Do you know new friends

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