The Chinese foreign trade frigate is very good but the radar is too bad

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wulongfangwupinglun· 2017-12-01 18:05:14

China's foreign trade frigates have expanded their market layout in recent years.

especially Bangladesh not only bought new C13B type 056 independence class light frigate based on type 053H2 also bought second-hand to Chinese (type III frigate Jianghu), is a big customer, but including Bangladesh, Thailand, some of the traditional Chinese frigate used, although the high cost China guard ship evaluation good, but for its radar are not satisfied, have changed our goods. F15

facelift KRONOS radar 054A recently, the South China Sea Fleet frigate Yuncheng ship in India ocean Navy Forum multilateral maritime search and rescue exercises, a photo attracted the attention of oolong.

Bangladesh naval exercises is the F15 "Abu Bacar", was delivered in March 2014 2 Bangladesh navy ship used wild type III frigate, but the old type 354 radar mast is not seen, with a flat screen, a new radar antenna yen value high.

"in Italy radar products and China Xiaolong trade competition

but this radar is obviously and Chinese domestic carrier models of known radar in air sea on.

users through textual research, this is the new development of a Italy company SELEX "North crow" (KRONOS) shipborne multi-function three coordinate radar, is both precision and searching distance of C band radar, search distance up to 250 km, using solid state electronic scanning antenna, also known as "small shield".

coincidentally, abandon old Chinese domestic radar, and in 90s China proud proud of the type F25T frigate, is Thailand's "nale vanoh" (to give) class frigate.

2 F25T at the Thailand naval ship in service for many years, finally in the past 2 years with the original plan to install MK41 technician, and will ship the main Chinese made the type 360 radar removed, replaced by the same electrical scanning antenna is a senior Swedish cargo - "giraffe sea" (Sea Giraffe) multi function radar. This is the United States Navy radar independence class Littoral Combat Ship use.


Chinese maritime radar in fact, now sold to other frigates, in the overall design has reached the first-class level, but in the radar and weapon system is self-contained, sometimes it is difficult to meet the demand of use, in the past in recent years a new generation of Thailand Navy frigate bid, Daewoo DW-3000H frigate, is by virtue of seamless use of radar and weapon system of western advanced, defeated China F40T scheme based on 054A.


"in fact, China will not without the ability of advanced radar on the frigate, or may be caused by concept.

the reason is that the frigate belongs to the coastal defence force in Chinese navy battle ships, status than destroyers, now occupied China Navy destroyers to achieve a "full shield", so 054A is used to lower the cost of the frequency sweep three coordinate radar - hy S/C type, 056 use cheaper 361 series of two coordinates radar.

"054A is the pursuit of cost-effective, but to want to buy 382

radar China frigate countries, frigate is a column Navy, copy this pursuit of cost-effective practices and can not meet the needs of all customers, this, is also worth noting Chinese ship trade export unit.

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