Shipment 20 has been equipped with domestic engine, which is about to be replaced by a stronger model.

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chenxifangwu· 2017-12-01 18:05:38

recently released a promo in AVIC Xi'an aircraft company in, we can clearly find that announcements of transportation -20 transport using engine deliberately introduced. According to the introduction, the current -20 transport machine can not only achieve large-scale mass production, but also use the engine made in China. Such reports, once broadcast, quickly aroused the high concern of the military enthusiasts, and everyone was interested in the reignition of the -20 transport aircraft.

is well known that during the transport of the transport aircraft, four perview_img_p turbofan engines are used. There was a lot of people are worried, after all, with imported from another engine that is not long, the engine heteronomy means that production future -20 aircraft will be delivered in the neck. For this reason, China's military research personnel have carried out hard exploration, finally developed a turbofan -18 this domestic engine.

said -18 turbofan engine is D-30KP-2 type engine copycat version, although this argument can not say completely wrong, but we should also see the important significance, that is the birth of turbofan -18 engine to solve the transport -20 aircraft has no history of domestic the engine is available. The significance of this great progress really transcends the view that it is not the imitation of the imitation, after all, the technology is in its own hands.

now is another happy news that is the successful development of the aviation industry liyang's turbofan engine. The data show that the -20 turbofan engine is a thrust force can reach 14000 kilograms of high bypass ratio turbofan engine, the -18 turbofan engine is more advanced than. Combined with the test chart of the front turbofan -20 on -20, and the news of the successful development of the engine, it is fully demonstrated that this engine will soon be equipped on the -20 transport plane.

, but such news does not seem so beautiful to the US and Russia. For Americans, the news seems to come too fast. Although American intelligence agencies have pointed out many times that the -20 transport aircraft will soon use turbofan -20 engine in the near future, but it seems that Americans do not think it will come so fast. To know the -20 transport aircraft equipped with a turbofan -20 engine, its performance will catch up with the C-17 transport.

" for Russia this is a bad news, after all the years Chinese are stable market Russian aviation engine, now China at such a rapid speed of such a master of advanced engine, which means that the future of Russia but also a lot of little arms market order. Of course, with the increasing development of China's military power, it is believed that in the near future, China's aero engine can also be sold to the world.

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