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12 month 1, "public service English translation norms" formally implemented. This covers 13 areas of transportation, tourism, culture, education and other English translation standards, provides more than 3500 commonly used translation norms.

Xiaobian made arrangements for 9 areas of English standard, and Spicy, Hot, Pot, Lamian Noodles, tofu Doufu, etc., were sorted out in English standard of the 46 areas. Take a look at the translation of Chinese characteristic words and phrases.

1. Expressway

2. NationalHighway

3. national highway traffic highway. Highway toll road ProvincialHighway

4. County Road CountyHighway

5. Tollway or TollRoad

6. overpass (referring to the viaduct viaduct in the city); Viaduct (referring to the viaduct across the river or valley)

7. overpass HighwayInterchange or Flyover

8. public PublicParking

9. free parking lot parking lot parking lot inside FreeParking

10. PrivateParking (private); StaffParking (staff)

11. TemporaryParking

12. temporary parking parking HourlyParking or MeteredParking

13. intersection Crossroa DS or Intersection

14. Two wayTraffc

15. a two-way traffic pedestrian Watch for Pedestrians

16. note note signal TraffcLightsAhead

17. Watch out for obstacles barrier or CAUT10NI/Obstacles Ahead

18. Drive with Caution< /p>

19. the danger beware of slippery snow Road May Be Icy

20. DoNotEnter entry or NoEntry

21. No U Turn

22. no U-turn no overtaking Noovertaking

23. parking NoStopping or NoStoppingatAnyTime

24. from left to right; turn NoLefforRightTurn; or NoTurns

25. intersection priority PriorityatIntersection

26. Right TurnLane

27. a right turn lane left turn lane Left TurnLane

28. straight lane StraightLane

29. turn A slow lane U TurnLane

30. turn TurnAhead//SlowDown

31. Inter CityRailService

32. intercity EMU D SeriesHigh SpeedTrain

33. high speed train; high speed railway G SeriesHigh SpeedTrain

34. a FirstClass

35. two SecondClass

36. HardSleeper or HardBerth

37. hard sleeper sleeper SoffSleeper or SoftBerth

38. _ terminal Terminal_

39. flight number FlightNo._

40. check-in Check-in


1. National Tourism NationalTouristAttraction

2. class scenic natural reserve NaturalReserve or NatureReserve

3. ThemePark

4. ForestPark

5. theme park Forest Park ecological park Ecopark

6. the world Heritage WorldCulturalHeritage (refers to) or WorldCulturalHeritageSite (especially a heritage)

7. patriotism education base PatriotismEducationBase

8. (ScenicSpotsandHistoricalSites refers to places of historic interest and scenic beauty in various spots)

9. national cultural relics protection unit NationalCulturalHeritageSite

10. FormerResidence

11. Histor alSite

12.'s Monument Memorial memorial site Ruins

13.; MemorialHall

14 level cultural relics FirstGradeCulturalRelic or GradeoneCulturalRelic

15. resort in Resort

16. with Wildlifepark

17. MarinePark in Ocean Park zoo AmusementPark

19. or oceanPark

18. amusement park street PedestrianStreet or PedestrianZone

20. Office or Ticket outlets Tickets

21. FreeAdmission

22. free of charge half price ticket; half price HalfRateTicket (Ticket)

23. ConcessionTicket

24. electronic tickets ticket e TicketCheck in

or e TicketEntrance

25. DisabilityCertificate

26. RolierCoaster

27. disabled card roller coaster sightseeing boat SightseeingBoat or SightseeingShip

28. BoatRental

29. ViewingArea

30. charter viewing area and leisure area LeisureArea

31. Non SmokingArea

32. accommodation smokeless scenic LoadingArea

33. agricultural Kellogg Agritainment

34. observationDeck or viewing platform observationPlatform or ViewingPlaform

35. or SightseeingCar

36. SightseeingBus tour bus souvenir shop SouvenirStore

37. ShadowPuppets

38. Cloisonne

39. TangTri a shadow Cloisonne pottery Color Glazed Ceramics

40. JadeWare

three. Jade culture and entertainment

1. HistoryMuseum or Museum of History

2. Museum of History Museum of natural history museum or NaturalHistoryMuseum MuseumofNaturalHistory

3. or ExhibitionHall

4. ExhibitionCenter; Exhibition Hall Art Gallery; Art Gallery of ArtGallery or ArtMuseum

5. operaHouse

9. digital music hall center of ConcertHall

10. library DigitalLibrary

6. Cinema or MovieTheater

8. GrandTheater

7. cinema theatre Opera ActivityCenter

11. the children's Palace Children's Palace

12. Literature

13. art Arts

14. literature Academic class Academics

15. science class Sclence

16. Education

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