Parents and children education - please tell the children, "early heart" not only can not forget, more is wrong!


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to accompany the child to go class, have a break go chatting, the teacher asked us, why let the children learn to go?

a few parents are given a lot of answers: "in order to exercise the child mind" to cultivate children thinking and computing ability "and" let the children used to calm in the face of competition, victory and defeat "and" let the children have a special, if a period of four to three, to help future studies"...... In a word, there are a lot of benefits, so come to learn.

Weiqi teacher listened and shook his head and said, "I don't think these are wrong. The most important purpose of playing weiqi is to play chess because it is fun to play chess."

is it so simple?

is so simple.

to tell you the truth, I was the teacher of this answer completely don't even not take it seriously. The same is true for other parents.

but later, the more I think, the more it makes sense.

has many advantages in learning weiqi, but those benefits should not be the ultimate goal. Let's let children learn to go, fundamentally speaking, it is to let him play chess and make his life more fun. When bored, depressed and stressed, he can have a solution.

training ability, the entrance examination of course is also important, but if it is directed at the mentality to learn, will be partial, will be quick, playing chess as a task will put pressure on the children, forced him to learn, he is forced to practice, make him irritable disgusted, experience the fun of playing chess by, so, it is difficult to adhere to, the majority of children so give up halfway.

does something with the utilitarian heart, and the interesting things will become dull, hard and torment.

was wrong at first, and it might be all wrong.


let the children learn the piano, music is to cultivate and improve the coordination of fingers and around the brain, in order to show the glory of grading.

lets children learn to draw, in order to cultivate their perception, imagination and creativity. In case of painting, they can win and make money.

let the children learn to dance, body shape, improve temperament, aesthetic culture, increase self-confidence, performance for others, of course, is also very cool.

in fact, in turn, if we have a correct initial mind, it is simply to send children to learn something to make him happy, so the effect may be quite different. For example, if we learn to draw

, is to let the children paint, so that he can pick up the pen to enjoy the creation, so that he can have it for some time, can be happy, free, free to immerse themselves in the world, so we will try our best to protect the child to draw interest. If children can experience happiness continuously when drawing, they will be able to persist and do well. Then, we will achieve the goal of developing brain, cultivating our mind and so on.

a lot of things are like this, all of us.

and the correct or not, determine whether the things you do are "proud" or "bad". The same is true for


for ourselves.

such as work. If we choose a career initial goal, if we are to achieve self value rather than earn money, it may be easier for you to find a career orientation and to have a much better mental attitude at work. It is also easy to get through when facing setbacks, bottlenecks and pressures.

such as marriage. If we choose a person because we are happy, cooperative, steadfast, and able to achieve achievements with TA, rather than because he can support me or she will serve me, this marriage will be stronger and stronger. Even if one day the other is poor or ugly, it will not be easily disintegrated.

such as travel. If our initial heart is to see the world or relax, instead of taking pictures, making friends circle to let others know where I have been, the trip will surely gain more. Or you may just because I don't take a good picture is very depressed, no travel. Or, even if you harvest a lot of beauty, but just your camera see it, and your heart, miss the real landscape, you waste the real value of the travel.

, of course, sometimes, various purposes are not conflicting. A profitable job can also achieve life value at the same time. A multi gold lover may also be able to cooperate with you. A trip to explore the world does not delay taking pictures to show to friends. If all kinds of purposes can be taken into account at the same time, nature is excellent. But at the same time, there should be a division between the main and the subordinate. No matter whether we cultivate children, or work, marriage or travel, what is the real meaning of a thing? What should our initial mind be? Let this mindset remind ourselves and keep ourselves in good mood. This early heart can not be wrong, otherwise, you will work harder and more carefully, and may not get the result you want.

, so before we do a thing, we must have a clear idea of its real meaning and your real needs, and then do the thing with the right mind, so that we won't go astray, and we can always get a good harvest.

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