Parent-child education - 7 ways to allow children to gradually move from dependence to independence


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every child is lovely, it is a kind of nature of children. However, we often use "good" and "bad" to judge a child and label him. In the course of the child's growth, the biggest disadvantage of labeling it is that the child has no confidence. For children who are not capable of self-management, parents may try the following 7 tips.

as a parent, please walk into the child

. What we have to do is to guide them to become self disciplined and sensible in a suitable occasion. I often communicate with parents, I say, no teacher, classmates, colleagues give up the hope of the child, you can not give up.

an educator in the Soviet Union once said, "if 100 ways are found and the child has not changed, I will look for 101st." This sentence, I often tell the teachers of the school, what does this mean? As a teacher, you have no right to choose a child. You have to choose your way. As a parent, you have no right to choose, so we can only walk into the child.

again, if parents have the chance to accompany their children, they say many times every day, that is, "do not disturb", "you have to obey". In fact, children do not understand what is "do not move", and parents always use this directive language, children will feel nagging, the result is that parents prevent children from doing more and what children want to do. The child's curiosity is so slowly shrinking.

yes, there's one thing for parents to discipline their children, because they failed to adhere to the busy and check things, there is no progress, again criticized the child, put these things up together, and then more and more, because ultimately beyond the tolerance range and not the children of.

7 small tricks to improve children's self-discipline

for self-discipline of poor children, how do we do? There are several suggestions.

one is that parents have time to get along with their children alone. With the company of parents, children have a sense of security.

two is not to criticize the child face to face, especially to criticize him in the face of a small partner. Parents should try to avoid the child's depression or excitement to criticize him.

three is only one request at a time and persists for a period of time. If we give the child a lot of demands at a time, he will be at a loss.

four is to respect the child's choice, and also to provide a room for the rotation of the space for him to choose. For example, if you want to let him do 10 questions today, you can ask him to do 3 or to do 5, let him choose.

five is the specific behavior of children to praise, less empty praise. We often say you are awesome, I think this should be encouraged, but the best to encourage children to bring some changes through the efforts, such as "praise the child, see, today you wrote very seriously" today you give grandma a bowl of rice, really filial"...... Say it in such a language.

six is a careful observation of some of the children's movements, later to be exhorted. When the child is growing up, he always has some movements that are not the same as adults. You may not feel good. If you need him to be as generous as other children, you might as well go back to tell the child, "look at how well he has done that, you will know a lot about him. Can you do the same next time? If you do this, what kind of help do you want your mom and dad to give you? "In that case, the child will accept your advice for his growth, not the accusation of him.

seven is to talk to the child in advance if the family is doing something, and let the child learn to participate in the family affairs. The core issue of

parent child relationship is: let the children feel that no matter when, mom and dad are strong backing for me. No matter what step I am growing up, mom and dad can give me a growth advice. In this way, the growth of children will gradually become independent from dependence and self-management ability will become stronger and stronger.

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