Parent-child education - good family education, condensed into 6 sentences!


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good parents are out of school

no successful parents born, there is no need to learn the successful parents, parents are learning to improve results.

, a good mother even said:

, many people think that I am very relaxed, that your child is so excellent that it doesn't matter at all. I don't even know that I even have one eye to sleep at night even when I sleep at night.

, good mother is in trouble, but the unqualified mother is the problem of the child is very serious. Even the teacher has talked to the child, she has not yet realized the problem.

in twenty-first Century, information society on people's quality requirements more and more high, any posts require training and assessment, but it seems that only give birth to a child without education training, it will automatically work and never laid off, in fact, this understanding is wrong.

every person needs to learn the knowledge before being a parent. The sooner the better, the better the awareness and knowledge of how to be a parent.

, good children are taught by

. I have contacted hundreds of excellent parents. Their common point is that they are struggling to educate their children.

some people may say that there are so many parents are illiterate, not education a good child? In fact, illiteracy is not an education, and these parents are also a high hand to educate children.

"focus interview" has introduced the events of An Jinpeng, the gold medal winner of the world's middle school students. He was very poor at home. He got a key middle school, but he didn't have money. His father said that he had to work for a child, but he had not worked in a university yet, let alone whether you could enter the University.

but the mother resolutely disagreed and sold the only donkey in the family. The child is only a vegetable dish even can not afford to eat people in high school, is the only one even with people who can not afford soap. Do the children depend on themselves like this?

face a question to know, even though the mother never graduated from primary school, but she let their children took four operations done in the primary school can recite fluently from memory before. How many college graduates can do that at this point?

, good habits are all raised by

. Many parents blame their children's bad habits on the school, blame the teacher, blame their children, but no blame on themselves.

in fact, most of the habits of children - good habits and bad habits - are developed by our parents intentionally or unintentionally. In fact, parents are teaching all the time, but they do not realize that they are teaching. This is "latent education", which is much more powerful than the obvious education.

excellent children are the result of high quality education, and most of the problem children are the product of the problem family.

children's problems are mostly not caused by children themselves, but the reflection of parental problems. Parents are often the biggest manufacturers of children's problems, and also the biggest obstacles for children to correct their mistakes and shortcomings. The top priority of

is not to educate children, but to parents. Without the change of parents, there is no change in children. There are no children who do not want to learn well, only children who can't learn well; children who do not have bad education are only parents who will not be educated.

good results are all help

about quality education and examination oriented education, the whole society should have a correct understanding. Examination oriented education is a problem that schools and parents can not avoid. It is necessary for schools and parents to adapt.

according to statistics, there are nearly 10 million "idle" minors in our country. The so-called "idle minors" refers to the children who should be able to study in school rather than study and choose to drop out. 94% of these are the results of academic failure. The four step of the juvenile delinquency is backwardness, study weariness, skipping and leaving home.

, therefore, helping children adapt to exam oriented education has become a duty for our parents. The best way to help children reduce their burdens is to increase our parents' burden, that is, our parents can become children's mentors.

good grades, of course, are brought out by school teachers, but in the fierce competition of exam oriented education, these good grades are increasingly permeated with the sweat of their parents.

is good communication is heard,

for children entering junior high school, high school parents, there is a common confusion, that is difficult to communicate with children. Conflict

children enter puberty and menopause mother more, not only because of mental instability in the inner phase, more important is the external pressure is very great, the child is facing the pressure of entering a higher school, the mother is facing the pressure of business, it would be necessary to strengthen communication.

excellent parents do very well in this regard. Their good communication comes from consciously following the following three principles:

, the first step is to listen, that is, let the child speak and understand the real meaning of children's words.

the second step is to understand. It is not reasonable to think about the child's point of view. The third step in

is to suggest that a reasonable child does not have to take the right action, so the parents should give advice here.

in these three steps, listening is the worst of the parents.

good achievement is the

intelligence is not the most important, the intelligence is more important than the will.

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