China gave Russia a gift to the Russian navy hold up again

Frigate Navy submarine antiship missile

mozheshanshou· 2017-12-02 13:30:22

[Mo Shou 928] good military analysis according to reports the Russian satellite network, the eastern part of the Russian military news agency Pacific Fleet officer told reporters, in the upcoming 2018, the Russian Pacific fleet will plan at hand about 10 new warships and support vessels of the ship, for the Russian fleet that has been ignored for a long time that will bring a new wave of change.

reported that next year the Pacific will accept at least two new frigates and 636.3 conventional submarines, and there are also several guarantee ships and tugboats. Although the tonnage is relatively small, it is better for the Pacific navy to be too strong for a large number of old warships in the cold war for a long time.

" with the overall strength of the Russian navy, as one of Russia's four fleet, the Russian naval fleet scale and fighting capacity in recent years there has been a substantial shrinking phenomenon, the peak in the period of the former Soviet Union, the total number of warships reached more than 700 ships of the Pacific fleet that is a key strength has been meet as equals in the pacific.

" but the disintegration of the Soviet Union until now, the entire Pacific Fleet only less than 50 ship surface warships, which must also be this kind of poisonous spider small ships is included, and deployed here of nuclear submarines, more than half of them in immobile state only, 8 conventional submarines can remain to combat, in the face of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force has no advantage, not to mention the positive hard just the United States Navy in the Pacific.

" while Russia has been emphasized in the development of the Far East, and efforts to increase the effective strength of the fleet and the fresh blood, but more is too helpless in russia. In this year, the Russian Pacific Fleet received a perfect frigate, the ship is the Russian Navy type 20380 frigate fifth ship, the ship became the Russian Pacific Fleet this year received only new warships, has also become a foreign exchange of the fleet of the face, often participate in local activities for the fleet enhance the popularity.

the construction capacity of the Russian Navy's large surface ships has been in a very awkward state. In recent years, because of the Western sanctions imposed on the Ukraine issue, the Russian Naval Shipyard is even worse. Two

delivered next year Pacific Fleet frigate, with perfect frigate belong to the type 20380 frigate, the frigate in Russia after the cold war the first frigate construction plan, currently in the Amur shipyard and the northern shipbuilding factory construction. The 20380 type frigate is 111.6 meters long, the ship is 14 meters wide, the standard displacement is 1800 tons, the power adopts two DDA12000 diesel engines, the maximum speed is 27 knots, it can carry a Ka-27/28 antisubmarine helicopter.

in terms of weapons, including a 100 mm gun, Uranus "anti-ship missile system can carry 8 X-35 anti-ship missiles, a maximum range of 130 kilometers, air defense has dagger -M anti-aircraft gun missile system, and AK-630 recent anti gun and individual needle type air defense missile etc..

" after the fall of the Russian Navy's Pacific Fleet, has not been spared, in recent years, few new warships to join, especially in western Russia and European countries nervous since the direction of the Pacific region to reduce the weight of warships upgrading to a relatively weak give priority to the status, including the Baltic Fleet and the Black Sea fleet and other hot deployment area.

for ancestors once wide before Russia, certainly it is difficult to accept such a situation, in recent years, under the leadership of Putin, the Russian military is also constantly carry forward, although their ability does not have independent construction of warships and even the shipyard, but Russia can also rely on China. Recently, with the help of China, a new large shipyard, the Red Star shipyard, is being built.

2009, Russian President Putin launched the construction of Hongxing Shipyard Project, this is Russia so far only the new large modern shipyard, compared with other Russian shipyards, Hongxing shipyard leading at least one era, is Russia's first real the modern shipbuilding factory. During the construction period, Putin visited the shipyard many times and gave enough support.

" is more important, the shipyard was Chinese overall contract, including infrastructure construction, inside the inside of the shipbuilding equipment, such as gantry crane and dry dock facilities, full use of the Chinese manufacturing, engineering and construction are Chinese provide it for more than 10 years ago, also need to import modern level Chinese, the turnover has very important symbolic meaning.

future, red star shipyard will have

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