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Li Yuchun skirt Cannes light brown

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is not in the opening ceremony of contests, but at Cannes! Although the red carpet opening straight Chris not to, but today late Chris was in the "blowing giant dream" at the Cannes Film Festival premiere red carpet enlarge recruit! What is beautiful is a stunning black swan!

is not Givenchy nor Jean Paul Gaultier, but French designer Julien Fournié 2015 winter black series of works. Skirt special reflective material is quite texture, Chris removed models originally in the decoration of the chest, bold deep V upper body, overall modelling concise, complete shock to skirt the domineering! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" and this dress is not only a simple appearance. Stylist said, in order to give the effect of wearing Chris, "brand 68 year old chief tailor grandmother specially flew to Cannes, for her personally try to install, modify. The designer is close to the expensive dress to Chris as a gift! He said it was a dress for her, and that the only master must be Li Yuchun! "

, orange Jun also finally understand Chris why dyed light brown hair color, is precisely the light hair color will not increase the gravity of the black skirt. The whole makeup face stress eyeliner, lipstick is now normalizing the color red bean paste, light makeup battle, hair also became the overall look wonderful accessories! Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" skirt is "deep V", chest beauty naturally to the United states. Winston Harry diamond necklaces and rings, the total price of up to 17 million yuan! Chris once a woman, the United States must be advanced!

smile, it's easy.

360 DEG; lens, are not forget cooperation. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" for a Pose, a step forward cross confidence. Class= img_box "

" left without forgetting a polite "You Thank", do not grab. Go red carpet for 4 years

back to 2013 first took to the Cannes Film Festival of Li Yuchun, with a passage of Gareth Pugh red head with puffed sleeves pants, have defined her unique flag red carpet style. Do not blindly worship, she only for their endorsement. Goodbye

2014 in Cannes, Stephane Rolland black cloak pants, let she won the praise of the international media.

2015. The third campaign Cannes, Li Yuchun selected the Jane Paul Gaultier2015 spring haute couture series black and white trousers. On the left is Lady, right is a gentleman, half is charming, half is handsome. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" accustomed to the neutral wind of Li Yuchun, every time she wore a skirt will become a rare topic can be amplified. And 3 attempts to Cannes, Chris not only in an attempt to the fusion of skirts and pants, increasingly show exposing her female side of the soft, also set up the unique male and female androgyny "style.

and today, when she was wearing skirt, we actually think flawless! This elegant noble Chris, they actually want to say!

we appreciate such peoples attention and focus groups. Do not rely on you grab eyeballs, do not rely on the ugly to grab the topic. The real beauty is, as soon as she appears, the shutter of the world is ringing for her! Class= img_box "


the last sentence for you stay up late, value!

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