The 11 sign that you are good at your job is just that you don't realize it.

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has always been objective to maintain its objective performance is not easy. However, not every boss has feedback, whether the feedback is positive or negative. However, no matter what role or industry you are engaged in, there are always some reliable indicators of success in your work. Here are 11 key signs.

1, you take part in the meeting with solutions, rather than problem bosses don't like to put problems out, and then run away. Instead, they want to hear your opinion about how to solve it. For example, Kim Jabbar, chief financial officer of Weebly (Kim Jabal), suggests that you tell your boss: "we have a good chance to correct problems. Here are some of my ideas. I really want to hear your improvement. Later became a publisher Simon and Schuster (Simon and Schuster) owner Leon Snyken (Leon Shimkin) as a general manager, there was such a rule -- unless you first try to solve it yourself, otherwise you can not ask questions at the conference. This principle reduced the meeting time by 75%. So, save your boss's time and burden: become a problem - solving person, not a complainer.

2, do you know how to make your task in the modern workplace in order of priority, everyone is required to overcome and responsibility, do task priorities will be arranged in talent shows itself. Amy Nisu, co-founder and executive partner of Paravis Partners (Amy Jen Su) uses the four quadrant chart to illustrate the best way of organizing tasks, especially when the boss is unwilling or unable to do it for you. The X axis represents your contribution: when you finish the task, how much do you have on the organization? The Y axis represents your passion: how much do you care about this particular task? Calculate your responsibility according to your answers to these two questions, so as to determine your day's arrangement.

3", you take the time to learn Ge (General Electric) former vice president Beth Comstock (Beth Comstock) said that she will be the 10% time allocation to what she called the "discovery". In an interview, she said, "I spend 10% of my time reading, browsing websites, talking with people, taking part in industry activities, and asking people," what do you see? What are you nervous about? Why are you excited? In this way, you can ensure that you are creative and that when your industry is inevitably developing, you will not feel uncomfortable. "

4, you are not all in your inbox and send e-mail through scanning may make you feel complete a lot of things, but the best employees know their time would be better spent elsewhere. Charles Dusig, a New York Times reporter, studied efficiency in the book "smarter, faster and better" published in 2016 by Charles Duhigg. He said he measured the efficiency of his daily work by sending the number of emails. The less the better the mail. Ron Friedman told Ron Friedman: "you can be busy all day, but never output. He added: "we know that we can spend a whole day answering e-mail, seeing that the inbox is zero," it feels like we are working at every minute, but in fact, we haven't done anything important. Similarly, time management expert Laura Vanderkam (Laura Vanderkam) wrote in her 2015 book "I know how she did it": "you will never reach the bottom of the inbox. It's best to realize that anything you don't handle will either disappear in a week or so, or will be returned from the message or phone that is tracked. "

5", you can say "no" to your boss, but it is not disrespectful. When your leader gives you a task, you never want to tell your boss "no". Michael Kerr (Michael Kerr), the author of the The Humor Advantage book, argues that the key is how to say yes. For example, you may be overloaded with other projects. According to the workplace expert Lynn Taylor (Lynn Taylor) in "tame your terrible office tyrant: how to manage the childish behavior of the boss and thrive" in your work in saying you can say: "I'll be glad to do this project, but this means that other items you are doing will have to defer to tomorrow, because I actually will spend the next three hours to complete the proposal, you want me to put my hand down now? "In other words, you have chosen your response from the point of view of your own work, which is obviously the most important thing your boss cares about.

6, you set the expansion target leadership development consultant.
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The 11 sign that you are good at your job is just that you don't realize it.

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