The boy's head swollen doctor: his parents put him in a microwave oven.

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, a young couple in Missouri, USA has been prosecuted for a serious crime of child abuse. They are suspected of bringing four months old boy born into a microwave oven, causing severe burns.

" according to the British "Daily Mail" reported in November 30, one day in April this year, the 22 year old man in St. Francois County of Parke hills, Derek Sleezak sent a four month old son to the hospital emergency department of skin disease, he told the doctor that the baby black face is rash, but the doctor noticed the diagnosis found is bad, burn, and baby skull fracture, subdural hemorrhage, life on the verge of death or destruction.

" in the hospital after the alarm, Derek and the age of the wife michaella, Slezak was arrested in custody, as the investigation, the couple abuse son act was exposed.

, according to the introduction, the couple's cruelty is extremely cruel. The boy has been put in a microwave oven for a short time to heat, resulting in two degree burns of most wounds and two degree burns of the scalp. In addition, the baby's mother Mikalaben testified in court Monday, son of skull fracture is caused by the husband imitation boy fell off the TV advertising. The couple also wiped the baby's face with a bleach towel to cover up the black spot of the burn, making it worse.

on Tuesday, the brutal couple were awarded a bail of 500 thousand dollars, and they are still in prison for the court decision. According to the court records, two people had given birth to a baby girl in January 2016, but soon gave up custody of the children.

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The boy's head swollen doctor: his parents put him in a microwave oven.

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