Her 28 year old son husband accidentally became a mystery

Yang Tongshu Wu Zetian stand out

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if one of the characters in a play can be recognized by the public, it is enough to show the talent of the actor. In the entertainment circle, some actresses are often complained by netizens about their poor acting skills, but in turn, it is precisely because of the stars with poor acting skills that they can make the actors of the strength acting stand out, which impress you.

Yang Tongshu, was born in Jilin in May 7, 1975, Chinese actress, graduated from Jilin College of The Arts. She was 17 years old in 1992, acting as the leading actress in "infatuation," and officially entering the entertainment circle.

17 years since his debut, Yang Tongshu has been a circle of talented. In addition to the identity of the actor, she has a deep study of presiding, writing, writing, and photography. The title is well deserved the talented.

looks on Yang Tongshu is the kind of virtuous type of women, for the first time in 2003 starred in "extreme" Confidante Yang Tongshu uncharacteristically villain. As Xu Yingying Young's close friend Wu Zetian in the play, and later because of envy and hate, Wu Zetian tried to sinister means of revenge. Yang Tongshu was a woman's gentle and graceful but all deep and treacherous sinister was penetrating, strength acting popular admiration, Yang Tongshu also the role of concern, the "bad woman" a burst of red drama. She was 28 years old.

" and that Yang Tongshu has a mystery.

in November 26, 2009, confirmed by Yang Tongshu brokerage company, Yang Tongshu has accidentally preterm birth. A baby is produced in the case of only 26 weeks of pregnancy. But the public is strange Yang Tongshu's husband and true identity has been very mysterious, never appeared in public view.

" and now Yang Tongshu's son was 8 years old, and normal children to offer the same age, good genes inherited Yang Tongshu is a handsome niche.

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