The 1274 - time bribe officer was asked to cut the penalty on an average of 3 days.

Henan father standing committee of the National People's Congress Pingdingshan

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according to the Legal Evening News reported on December 2nd, recently, the Henan High Court announced that December 5th will be held in prison public hearing Xue Xinsheng commuted a criminal case.

news reporter found out, he served as director of the Pingdingshan Municipal People's Congress (department level), about 10000000 yuan for accepting bribes, was sentenced to life imprisonment in April 2014.

is worth noting that, in 12 years, he received 192 people and 1274 bribes, counting the average money to be paid every 3 days. At the same time, he involved a large number of officials, a local Secretary of the District Committee had been accused of involving the case and killed himself.

" he received once every 3 days, every 10 thousand yuan

public information, was born in 1955 at the age of 42 to the new Xue Zhengzhou jinshuiqu District, District Secretary, 2001 transferred to the deputy mayor of Pingdingshan City, after entering the Permanent Secretary of the organization until 2009, served as director of the Pingdingshan Municipal People's congress. In April 26th of

2012, Xue Xinsheng was arrested for serious violation of law and discipline. After the first instance, it was 2 years later. The Shangqiu intermediate people's court found that this person received 192 people's property from 2001 to 2012, which totaled RMB 1016 yuan, US $130 thousand, HK $25 thousand yuan and 460 thousand yuan shopping card.

finally, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the crime of accepting bribes and confiscated all his personal property. After the first trial, Xue Xinsheng did not appeal, and the decision came into force.

view, news reporter noted that in October 2014, Henan High Court disclosed more details about Xue Xin's bribery. For example, the about 10000000 illegal money was he collected 192 people for 1274 times. The average collection is 6 times per person, 1 times per 3 days, and 10 thousand yuan each time.

media reports said that because of bribery is numerous, relevant people anxious and fearful. "He explained that he received nearly 200 bribes at the county level at the Minister of municipal Party committee in Pingdingshan. The cadres who entered the list were immediately frozen, leading to the stagnation of cadres in all areas. "

even had the media disclosure. After the first trial of Xue Xin's case, a local female district committee secretary was found to have committed suicide at home. The insider said, the relevant departments have been interviewed, wired cable refers to the former Pingdingshan city leaders bribery. And the "Pingdingshan leader" here is interpreted as Xue Xinsheng. The

must be pointed out that the bad effect caused by the new case with his Xue was not jailed and instantly vanished. March 2014 -5 months, in the patrol group visited Henan, and points out some prominent problems of buying and selling.

in Henan, said in the rectification briefing on the city, the former party secretary Li Senlin, Pingdingshan organization Xue new case has not yet in place to deal with the cadres, instructed the local verification, according to discipline severely dealt with according to law. At the end of August 2014, were sentenced to 7 people, Party discipline 54 people, organizations dealing with 6 people, is to initiate an investigation of 1 people, admonishing conversation and ordered to make a profound examination of 284 people. Nurse

hall officer jailed and assist sick

tube view news reporter noted that Xue Xinsheng during the investigation, wrote a statement of repentance, talk about his father and his wife and daughter to owe.

, for example, he talked about his 80 year old father. He said he would learn the song of his father in the Spring Festival holiday before he was sacked in 2012. He sang to him on the 80 th birthday of the old man. As a result, he was caught 3 months after the festival.

also talked about his eldest daughter's marriage. He said this is a family's expectation for several years, but because of its violation of discipline and law, it can not only attend but also bring embarrassment and negative effects. "I am sad to blame, my parents is filial son, wife of my not good husband, daughter of my not good father. "

, Xue Sheng has been 3 and a half years ago. In prison in July 19th this year issued a proposal for commutation, Xue Xinsheng in the near future true repentance, without complaint, pleaded guilty to repentance, had been praised for 7 times, 4 times the first half of the review are excellent.

news reporter found that the proposal for commutation is also disclosed the details of Xue Xinsheng in prison reform: over 60 years old, he became a nurse, completes the work task in accordance with the provisions of the hospital.

nursing sick do not rash, strictly implement the procedures for executive orders, there has never been a medical error, can help the police in many nursing patient management, a timely report by police officers alike. "

accordingly, the prison proposed that the sentence of life imprisonment for Xue Xinsheng be reduced to 22 years of imprisonment and the deprivation of political rights for 9 years to the deprivation of political rights.

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