Thai media: Ukraine, Thailand can not be delivered to buy Chinese VT4 tank

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fenghuangjunshi· 2016-05-15 07:48:06

< p > according to "Thailand's armed forces" web site on May 13 reported, Royal Thai army has in April and China signed a purchase contract of a camp MBT-3000 (VT-4) tanks, it is estimated that the number of about 50 vehicles, the contract amount has not been announced, is expected within two years of the completion of delivery of the. < p > Article said that due to the ongoing turmoil in Ukraine, Thailand to the order of 200 vehicles T-84 "fortress" tank delays in delivery, which makes Thailand began to seek new alternatives, at this time MBT-3000 main battle tanks, appear in the view of the Thai military.

Thailand's military says it will continue to buy 150 of the tanks if they are satisfied with the first order of 50 MBT-3000 tanks. It is worth noting, Thailand also raised a requirement, is that even if all MBT-3000 main battle tanks, are produced in China, but also need to Thailand, the transfer of production technology. < p > military observers said, according to reports, in the Thai army in previous years held the next generation tank tender, because the Chinese were not allowed in the foreign trade of the MBT-2000 main battle tank equipment domestic engine, can only be equipped with a Ukrainian engine, so the Thai side in the final choice of the Ukrainian T-84 tanks "fortress". According to previous reports, MBT-3000 export prices around for 400 million dollars per car, so this calculation, Thailand the tank contract amount of $2 billion.

MBT-3000 tank weighs 52 tons, 10.1 meters long, 3.4 meters wide, with the domestic 1300 HP water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine, maximum cross-country speed up 75 kilometers, in firepower, MBT-3000 equipped with a 125 mm smoothbore gun, automatic remote weapon station, capable of launching a variety of shells and gun launched missile, the new hunting - J "fire control system, can accurately hit the target of 5000 meters.

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