An average of nearly 250 thousand weddings in the post - 90s of Beijing

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according to the Legal Evening News, news December 3rd news, in December 3rd, the Beijing Wedding Expo was held at the National Conference Center. The reporter learned from the exhibition that the current cost of wedding in Beijing (excluding marriage room, decoration), the average consumption of about 248 thousand yuan. The newly released Beijing has a monthly salary of 9791 yuan per person, which means that the cost of a wedding is the sum of 2 years' salary in the average monthly salary level.

skirt, perspective, custom wedding 20 thousand

starting from 80s, wedding dress slowly spread, until a few years ago, the domestic large part to lease the wedding the bride still. However, the reporter found that in this Wedding Expo, custom wedding dress exhibition institutions accounted for more than half of the exhibitors. The wedding in addition to the traditional retro tail, there are nearly two years of popular bra, a shoulder style, some businesses also brought flowers, three-dimensional Choker Necklace, fashion dress bubble sleeve etc.. Design bold wedding dress, not only use short skirt design, upper body also design into perspective style, wear more sexy. In addition, apart from the traditional white, champagne and light blue wedding dresses can also be seen. According to the

China Wedding Expo Deputy Secretary General Mr. Xiao Changhong introduced in recent years, more and more choice of bride custom wedding Wedding Expo, from China 2016-2017 in order to display, custom wedding proportion has risen from 20% to 45%, and showed a rapid rising trend, and demand more and more diverse. Most of the 90's are single children. They are more independent and unwilling to wear other people's money, so the unique custom wedding dress is more popular. "Mr. Xiao Changhong, Deputy Secretary General of the China marriage fair, said," he said.

, and the price of the custom wedding dress is considerable. Legal Evening News, the news reporter consulted a number of custom wedding exhibitors, the price of these wedding gowns between 2 to 30 thousand. "If there are special requirements in the design of clothing, it may be more expensive. "

and the reporter noticed that not only is the wedding dress, but the groom's dress custom institution also appears at the Wedding Expo. In addition, there is a mother's dress specially prepared for the bride's mother.

two year full wages spent an average of 250 thousand

in a wedding dress, the head is not high and the wedding expenses, 90 at the wedding in the wedding are willing to spend money in all aspects.

according to the latest statistics of the Chinese Wedding Expo professional institution, the cost of marriage in Beijing (excluding marriage room, decoration, the same below), the average consumption is about 248 thousand yuan. The newly released Beijing has a monthly salary of 9791 yuan per person, which means that the cost of a wedding is the sum of 2 years' salary in the average monthly salary level.

the wedding Hotel spending the whole wedding head, up to 100 thousand yuan, accounting for 40.3%, including other wedding services are spending 50 thousand yuan, honeymoon travel were spending 25 thousand yuan, 25 thousand yuan jewelry consumption, wedding dresses are spending 20 thousand yuan, wedding supplies are spending 20 thousand yuan, average consumption of 8 thousand yuan wedding photography.

data show that although the number of marriages is declining year by year, the amount of marriage consumption is rising year by year. Take wedding photography industry as an example, two years ago Beijing newcomers chose 5000 yuan to 6000 yuan set more, but now has risen to about 8000 yuan. Besides the rise in unit price, wedding purchase items are also increasing. For example, jewelry, from the past to the ring + gold, has changed to the new consumption mode of the ring + wedding diamond ring + gold + wrist watch.

" led the children around the Wedding Expo, the two married couples will not

, view news Legal Evening News reporter found that in the Expo exhibition hall, there are many with their children to participate in the audience. Reporters learned through interviews that some of them were preparing to make wedding or make up their wedding photos, and others admitted that they had just reorganized their family and were preparing for their two wedding.

through the China Wedding Expo that investigation on the part of the new marriage, more than 90% people think that divorce and remarriage is a new choice of life. Nearly 6 new couples believe that remarriage must be a real favorite wedding.

compared to put the wedding tradition, married couples pay more attention to their own feelings. According to the survey, more than 8 married couple premarital will buy a wedding ring, wedding photo shoot, more than 7 will choose a honeymoon. The couple married because it is more mature, and the concept of consumption and consumption capacity is increased, the quality requirements of more than a first marriage, according to a survey "character will not make people in the second when the consumption ratio is more than 10% to 20% of first marriage.

(originally entitled "more than two years of full pay!" After 90s, the average wedding is nearly 250 thousand ")

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An average of nearly 250 thousand weddings in the post - 90s of Beijing

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