This year the Zhuhai airshow will open up with the swift warrior tank assembly

The warriors tanks the Zhuhai air show Yu Yan

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data figure: the previous exhibition VT-4 MBT

data figure: Russia parade, warriors and Yu Yan performing team coalition formation

eleventh Chinese airshow exhibitors to coordinate the work will be held in Zhuhai, the first set of

ground equipment

dynamic demonstration area of military news Tencent on May 12-14, Eleventh China airshow sponsored and co organized, support units and related units to coordinate the work will be held in Zhuhai, the reporter learned from the meeting, as of now, the overall situation of the show is satisfactory, will be put into use in the five hall, the total exhibition area of about 82000 square meters, 66000 square meters compared to the same period last year increased by 1 6000 square meters, an increase of 19.5%, outdoor exhibition area of more than 350000 square meters, is expected to the participating aircraft C-130 around, to participate in the countries and regions 42, more than 700 exhibitors at home and abroad, scale, quality and level of airshow is expected to achieve a historic breakthrough. Not only that, airshow exhibition form also made new breakthroughs, will be the first increase in ground equipment of dynamic demonstration area, then tanks, armored, defense assault vehicles and other military and civilian equipment at the scene of the airshow were dynamic demonstration. < p > this year is the 60th anniversary of China aerospace, Airshow China will also usher in the 20th anniversary of the memorial, the municipal Party committee, municipal government and the airshow Executive Committee will attaches great importance to the 11th China airshow the preparatory work. Secretary of municipal Party committee Comrade Guo Yuan Qiang, acting mayor Zheng Renhao comrades just arrived on the airshow launched an investigation, listen to the Airshow China the progress of the preparations for, and the request of the preparatory work for the 11th China airshow. The coordination meeting was held successfully, will further promote the 11th China airshow the preparatory work carried out smoothly, the success of the 11th China airshow, safe and organized to lay a solid foundation. < p > coordination by the vice mayor, Airshow China Executive Committee will host, deputy director of the office of director Wang Qingli, the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, director of the Airshow China Executive Committee will be vice director and Secretary General Wang Guang Quan, the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, Secretary of the Committee of political science and law, Airshow China Executive Committee will Chen Ying, deputy director attended the meeting. The meeting heard the Zhuhai airshow

China Executive Committee on the Eleventh China airshow fluttering, layout, site documents, catering, reception, security, transportation and other related reports on the situation, the Civil Aviation Administration of the people's Liberation Army Air Force, Chinese China China, Aviation Industry Corp, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, China North Industries Group Corporation, China South Industries Group Corporation, China Electronic Technology Group Corporation Chinese, Electronic Information Industry Group Co., China Aero Engine Corporation, emerging international group company exhibitors introduced eleventh China airshow exhibitors have said the plan, as in the past to support and actively participate in the eleventh session of the China airshow, strive for more new exhibits , new technology debut, comprehensive, showcase achievements in the development of China's aerospace industry and the equipment manufacturing industry and China's national defense strength, Yang Wei of China, strengthen my Junwei. < p > day coordination meeting, airshow the relevant units on how to run the 11th China airshow made a number of insights. Zhuhai Airshow China Executive Committee said it will fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of the relevant units of the airshow, the relevant issues after carding, a careful analysis to be addressed for the airshow units exhibitors and visitors to provide a better service and the safeguard.

reporter learned that the show not only the exhibition area to a new high, the total exhibition area of 82000 square meters, an increase of 19.5%, and exhibits rich structure better, in March this year, the newly established China aero engine group will also be exhibited for the first time, in addition to Russia, Ukraine, France, Czech, United States, Canada, South Korea and other national pavilions after more than ten years, Chinese airshow Holland Pavilion will return to the China show arena, Austria, Spain, Germany and New Zealand related organization is currently planning to organize national pavilions or attend the exhibition this year Chinese airshow, to further enhance the level of internationalization, there will be a large number of advanced aerospace products unveiled, the scale and proportion of defense equipment will further improve. Flight performance, except for the Chinese air force "81" aerobatic team, Russian Air Force "warrior" and "swift" mixed formation will for the first time in the domestic "fit" were flight performance, bring more exciting, more stunning visual feast to the audience. In addition, airshow exhibition in the form of a more diverse, first increase in dynamic demonstration of the ground and equipment, there will be armored tanks, defense type assault vehicles, Dongfeng off-road vehicles and other military and civilian equipment of dynamic display. Of < the equipment development of the Central Military Commission Ministry of equipment and technical cooperation bureau fan Jianjun, deputy director at the meeting said the Airshow China not only for our military trade platform, provides a window for display of our military equipment, equipment and Technology Cooperation Bureau will pay to support Airshow China, and strive to achieve a new breakthrough in the exhibits, exhibition form aspects.

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