Mobile phone merchants are ready to prepare for the 5G Era

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mountain city of Chongqing, today ushered in by the Chongqing Municipal Economic and Information Committee, mobile phone newspaper online hosted the Chongqing international mobile phone industry leader in the mobile phone industry summit, "winning 5G times" forum, the domestic mobile phone bigwigs to discuss the impact of future 5G era of mobile phone industry and its outlook and attitude on 5G mobile phone.

5G represents a new era, in the 5G era, mobile phone applications and all aspects are facing the great challenges and opportunities, then 5G era specific to the domestic mobile phone manufacturers and what it means? Maybe we can see some clues through this meeting.

vivo Liu Wei on 5G:2018 to start 5G mobile phone R & D Chongqing will become vivo 5G

vivo is the first mobile phone manufacturing base for 5G attitude has always been rarely seen and known for vivo president and chief executive officer Mr. Shen Wei appeared in the meeting and delivered a speech entitled "5G global road" vivo. In the speech, Mr. Shen Wei, President and CEO of

, said, "the change that 5G may bring to the mobile phone industry has been in 4G for 5 years or so. The next step is to promote the development of new technology by the new technology." in the speech of vivo, The Ministry of industry and information recently released the 5G band planning, and 5G is getting closer to us. In a word, "4G changes life, and 5G changes society." At the same time, "

vivo president and chief executive officer Mr. Shen Wei" at the same time, Shen Wei introduced the strategic plan of the era in the era. Through the calculation, by 2025, 5G will be a huge market space. What are the new features of the

5G mobile phone? Who will dominate the future change? With the deep combination of artificial intelligence, the 5G era is defined as a 5G smartphone. Shen Wei believes that after the advent of 5G, mobile phones will become intelligent, control and service centers. Control, will enter the controller of the smart home, the car. With the aforementioned perception and control, the service is also more diversified.

Shen Wei also said that the Ministry of industry and Commerce completed the frequency assignment of operators in June 2018. In September 2019, according to the plan of China, the 5G license was issued, and the business was effective in 2020. We expect the 5G mobile phone to be on the scale in 2021.

from which we can see that vivo has started to lay out the products of the 5G era.

Jin Liu Lirong on 5G: "+" mobile phone "as the center of the new competition in product innovation and user service" model

as in recent years in the domestic mobile phone has the outstanding performance of the Jin, 5G also has a unique understanding, in the event, Jin group chairman and President Liu Lirong issued a "mobile phone to do strong in 5G, the layout of the world" as the theme of the speech.

in his speech, Jin group chairman and President Liu Lirong proposed the "5G + mobile phone" as the center of the concept of development, said the current mobile phone market in the upgrading of products is slowing, market growth is also slowing, or even negative growth; enterprise competition reached the fierce degree, mainly rely on the "cost + marketing" to compete. In the era of 5G in the first year of 2020, the mobile phone industry will become a competition mode of "cost + marketing", and become a competition of product innovation + user service.

Jin group chairman and President of Mr. Liu Lirong also

, Jin group chairman and CEO Mr. Liu Lirong also said that in the 5G era, the upgrading of products will again have significantly accelerated the trend, the market size will increase considerably, from now on profit for manufacturing single growth become the double growth of hardware profit + value-added services. "In the face of

5G, Gionee itself also established 5G professional research institute, in-depth study of 5G terminal development and business development, according to the 5G development speed, Jin also will strive to become the leading companies in the domestic 5G terminal; at the same time, Jin will also rely on the 5G+ technology of artificial intelligence, Cui Zhi ecological carrier build worthy of the trust of users with personal mobile terminal. "Jin group chairman and President Liu Lirong said.

5G:5G let Ni fly Nubian cloud terminal and realizes seamless connection of the 2018 launch of the 5G prototype

Nubia as ZTE's independent brand, in recent years the annual shipments are ten million level, it is worth mentioning that the earlier market sources revealed plans listed in Nubia, not long ago, once again set off a Nubian the plan listed hot topic, in accordance with the Nubian planning, which will be completed in the next 3-4 years listed! Ni Fei, the general manager of

Nubian, believes that at present, in China, there are three categories of trillions of industries, which are real estate, cars and mobile phones. From the view of the development of the whole technology, smart phones are also the most closely connected, most active and fast developing industry with the public life. Although the industry is difficult, it brings a lot of opportunities. In particular, the advent of the 5G era brings greater space to all of us.

" Nubian general manager Mr. Ni Fei

Ni Fei said to 5G: "first, the characteristics of faster speed; second, this is the basis of mass connection ability; the interconnection of all things. Third, lower delay, the 5G time delay reached 0.4 milliseconds.

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