The United States has issued Chinese military report false discussion Chinese South China Sea Strategy

The South China Sea military power China strategy

tengxunjunshi· 2016-05-15 07:48:16

China has been concerned about the possibility of accidents in the Taiwan Strait, the East China Sea and the South China sea.

Pentagon East Asian affairs, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Denmark (Abraham M. Denmark) said that China has the potential for a conflict in the Taiwan Strait maintain attention ". In addition, how to deal with" the East China Sea, the South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula occurred accident emergency "to the Chinese army is becoming more and more important. < Reuters reported, the report pointed out that China this year will in the South China Sea Islands and reefs "including communication and monitoring system," "a large number of military infrastructure construction, to greatly enhance the presence in the South China Sea. The report estimates that within two years of the Nansha Islands waters in China recently Island reclamation project make the region increased 32 acres (13 hectares) of land, and then began to carry out the construction of infrastructure, including building to enable the aircraft taking off and landing of the three 3 km long runway.

China can take the strategy of "mandatory" and prevent confrontation occurred

Fox News quoted the report said, China is taking is inferior to that of armed conflict "coercive tactics" to increase their own interests, such as the use of law enforcement boats to strengthen maritime claims. By means of this "well planned" approach, China can avoid a conflict. Denmark, said in relation to their own interests, especially on the issue of sovereignty, show China the tolerance of high tensions will "," China's strategy is without harming the premise of peace in the region to achieve its target ". Reuters described the report as saying that China is committed to developing its own forces to resist interference in any conflict, while trying to avoid direct confrontation with the United States in asia.

reports, in addition to continuing to focus on China's continued growth of national defense funds, also noted that China continues to expand its international influence, increasing the military footprint overseas. After Djibouti, China will continue to have a common interest in Pakistan and other countries to establish a Naval Logistics hub.

in addition, the report again accused the Chinese government and the military to the United States to conduct cyber attacks, to collect intelligence". Reported that China's target intelligence can help Chinese military planners to understand the United States Defense Network, logistics and deal with the crisis can be used in the relevant military forces.

this is not the first time the United States accused China of cyber attacks. China's foreign ministry has pointed out that the United States as the world's most advanced network technology, the most powerful country, we should first set an example. Hope that the United States to stop the Chinese side for no reason suspicion and accusations, to do more conducive to maintaining peace and security in cyberspace. < p > for the U. S. Department of defense of China in the construction of the South China Sea Islands and reefs of speculation, the Chinese foreign ministry also has stated repeatedly that, China is always a staunch force safeguarding peace and stability in the region. China in the construction of connected to the South China Sea Islands, mainly for all types of civil service requirements, in order to better fulfill China to undertake international responsibilities and obligations, to the region and the international community to provide more public goods and services.

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