U.S. anti missile system in Europe and the United States in Russia in protest at the start of 2 years after the completion of the protest

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[anti missile base started] 13 daily

Russian satellite news agency said U. S. assistant secretary of state for Frank · Ross will be on the 14th in ribbon cutting ceremony held in northern Poland Lun Zico Waukegan, celebrate in Poland's land-based "Aegis" anti missile system to obtain permission to run.

it is reported that the anti missile system will use the United States the latest SM - 3 - IIA interceptor, its shutdown speed or can reach 4.5 kilometers per second. Shutdown speed is the most critical indicator of the ability to intercept. Military experts believe that the current rate is not enough to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles from Russia to the United states.

the United States believes that last year after the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iran, although the loss of the ability to develop nuclear weapons, but its conventional missiles did not stop development, which is an important reason for the U.S. deployment of anti missile system in europe.

, Vice Minister of the United States Department of defense Robert · Walker in Romania anti missile system put into operation, said the anti missile system for ballistic missiles from the Middle East region.

"as long as Iran continues to develop and deploy ballistic missiles, the United States will work with allies to defend NATO," he said.

[Russia strongly opposes]

although the United States said the anti missile system in Romania and Poland are to respond to the threat from Iran, but Russia still expressed strong dissatisfaction. < p > southern Romania Wade plug Luke Air Force Base anti missile system 12 officially put into operation after, the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Russian State Duma (lower house of parliament) have said, will retain the exit, "reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms treaty rights.

"the Treaty on the reduction and limitation of offensive strategic weapons" was signed in April 2010. The provisions of the treaty, the United States and Russia before 2018, strategic nuclear weapons or nuclear warheads deployed down to below 1550. < earlier, Russia has been that Polish anti missile system's true intentions and not to prevent the threat from Iranian missiles, but pressed Moscow's nuclear arsenal. In the event of a war, the United States could be the implementation of a preemptive nuclear strike on russia. < p > not only so, Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry · Peskov said on the 12th, with the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue the formal implementation, the situation in Iran diplomacy has "changed", the relations with the western countries have a warming trend. Actually, the United States against Iran as an excuse to start the anti missile system, justified. < p > Russia's permanent representative of NATO Grushko said the accusations. In the two deployment building anti missile facilities is completely reflected the eastward expansion of NATO, the result is NATO's military infrastructure from the Russian border more and closer. With the Aegis system supporting the use of MK41 vertical launch system, both can launch SM-3 interceptor missiles, can also be used to launch Tomahawk cruise missiles, serious damage to the inf treaty.

[slid into the "security dilemma"

existing observers worry that the the end of the cold war, more than 20 years, Russia and NATO may reproduce the arms race, or fall into the typical "security dilemma". < p > anti war website antiwar.com senior analyst Jason · Dietz said the news agency of "satellite", "Aegis" system cannot protect Poland, once the outbreak of the war, but will have the country under a huge risk. < "(anti missile system) bring the only safe effect is to stimulate the Russian response, there may is to deploy more missiles in Kaliningrad, in response to the system in the strategic balance may bring influence, Dietz said.

Kaliningrad is located in Poland and Lithuania at the junction of the Russian enclave. Russia has deployed with nuclear strike capability "Islamic Kandel" missile system to deal with the U.S. anti missile system.

2010, NATO decided to establish an anti missile system covering Europe, the United States on the basis of the original European anti missile program, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Spain, respectively, for their positions. After the completion of the anti missile base in Poland in 2018, NATO anti missile system will complete the final piece of the puzzle.

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