The Internet Conference big guy looks first to see who and who is sitting together?

Zhang Zhaoyang Ding Lei Ma Huateng dripping

fengmianxinwen· 2017-12-03 18:19:08

Baidu Inc chairman and CEO Robin Li

Tencent Inc holdings chairman and CEO Ma Huateng

Sohu chairman of the board and chief executive officer Zhang Zhaoyang

ant gold service group chairman Peng Lei "I

first row", Alibaba Group founder Ma Yun sits on the top of the table.

Microsoft executive vice president Shen Xiangyang and Ran Chengqi at the same table, the latter is the current director of the office of management China satellite navigation system, Beidou system spokesman

Zhang Zhaoyang, Su Hua (- CEO) (Cheng Wei, a taxi drops founder and CEO).

" on the left side of the bicycle Zhang Zhaoyang Mobell co-founder and CEO Wang Xiaofeng and know almost founder and CEO week class= source

Ma Huateng is on the right side of the Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Robin Li and Rui Xiao Wu table, which is China electronic information industry group chairman, party secretary

IDG global capital chairman Xiong Xiaoge and the national information technology Advisory Committee, deputy director of the national golden cross The committee director Zhou Hongren deskmate

IDG global capital chairman of the first video board chairman Zhang Lijun sits in front of Zhou Hongren

chairman and CEO of sina, micro-blog chairman Cao Guowei and the founder of the NetEase table

U.S. mission network CEO Wang Ding Lei sat on the left side of the

58 classification information company president and CEO Yao Jin, the founder of today's headlines a wave Table

Luo Zhenyu and CEO Yang Chonghe with

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