Fan Bingbing Li Chen issued a constitution not lead people Tucao, Fuxiang

Fan Bingbing Li Chen Z

fenghuangyule· 2017-12-03 21:44:30

" recently, Fan Bingbing night sent a micro-blog, 'his physique is poor, others have a cold, she catches a cold. Fan Bingbing micro-blog in drying out their own a set of photos, and with the text: "why do people catch a cold, I was infectious! What kind of constitution is this?

, "others" in micro-blog, is known as Li Chen. Is it Li Chen's constitution? As everyone knows, some time ago in Li Chen Fan Bingbing's birthday, Fan Bingbing formally to the proposed marriage, from now on, Fan Ye finally changed to Mrs. Lee, not only do the queen, Princess Li Chen!

photos, Fan Bingbing loaded with thick clothes, lying on the table, placed a charming POSE, is really beautiful, it is almost suffocating. Big eyes, high nose beam, charming eyes, not knowing much spirit, which is like a person with a cold? Fan Bingbing is clearly in the rhythm of the dog food!

" but this wave of dog food and attracted netizens big black why fall into a reverie, a cold, Bing Bing is how to be infected? It is a great black night of overwork or not have a good rest? Remember in the "Kangxi" in bed last year asked Li Chen, her face Li Chen actually admit good at giving systematic guidance, superb skills even if a hand injury does not affect the lovemaking.

exactly how Fan Bingbing was infected, it is time for netizens to play the role of imagination. It is also said that these two people haven't come out for a while to sprinkle dog food. Before we go to bed, we can give you a dog's food to satisfy you, which is probably an attitude of their love. Finally, wish them more happiness, to get married, have a lovely baby!

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