Nearly 200 students donate blood without retiring

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[reporter / Wang Meimei co ordinate / Ji Xin] yesterday (December 2nd), Da Bai news learned from many sources. Sun Tongxue, a 2017 grade student in University of International Business and Economics, was separated from the world at 23:13 on December 1st. It is reported that in November 18th, sun classmate was transferred to China-Japan Friendship Hospital because of high fever. He was subsequently diagnosed as viral pneumonia. On the 23 day, the disease deteriorated into a coma and was transferred to ICU (intensive care unit) for a week. During his hospitalization,

was greatly helped by the students and alumni of the University of International Business and Economics as well as in the middle school attached to the Northwest Normal University. According to statistics, the number of hours raised about 300000; half an hour to mobilize nearly two hundred students for the patient blood... The warm spring breeze, great love... Before

had mobilized nearly two hundred students in half an hour to donate blood to

, sun classmate's relatives and friends had been treated for good money on a public platform. Big white news from the platform to understand that sun students is the University of International Business and Economics marketing major 17 freshmen. Friends and relatives who have been authenticated by the real name have said that he is "excellent, sensible" and "sunny". As a representative of discipline, he is "conscientious and responsible". But in recent years, he failed to attend the scientific research of the college, and he was absent due to fever. It is reported that

, November 18th, sun students appeared fever symptoms; in November 20th, the school hospital referral to China-Japan Friendship Hospital for treatment and diagnosis of acute respiratory distress syndrome, adenovirus pneumonia; 23, sun students deteriorated into a coma, transferred to ICU (intensive care unit) for further treatment, in the treatment of ICU a week in the ventilation is still unable to maintain the oxygen, need to use ECMO extracorporeal membrane oxygenation system to maintain oxygenation, and the emergence of the affected areas of the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive tract, liver, kidney etc..

in China-Japan Friendship Hospital is evidence that, to November 30th, sun students have been infected with severe community-acquired pneumonia, adenovirus pneumonia, cytomegalovirus pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, stress ulcer with hemorrhage, acute liver injury, acute renal insufficiency, viral meningitis is not excluded, viral diseases. When

was plagued by sun students, according to incomplete statistics, 8589 people were donated to raise about 300000 good for their family. In December 1st, sun students were in urgent need of blood donation. For this reason, the League Committee of the University of International Business and Economics Business School launched a mobilization campaign. In just half an hour, nearly two hundred students joined the blood donation ranks.

died because of a high fever?

white news from informed sources, sun students began to feel unwell just because of a high fever due to fever hospital learned that adenovirus pneumonia.

data from a medical platform show that adenovirus (adenovirus) is one of the main pathogens of viral pneumonia. Larger age group of children or young people infected with adenovirus only cause upper respiratory tract diseases, which can cause severe acute adenovirus pneumonia in infants.

human adenovirus can cause acute febrile respiratory infection, mainly manifested as cough, nasal obstruction, pharyngitis and tonsillitis, accompanied by fever, chills, headache and muscle pain, which can lead to lower respiratory tract infection, such as bronchitis, pneumonia and so on. It is obvious that the early fever of sun classmate is a typical symptom of adenovirus. In severe cases, adenovirus can develop into pneumonia 5~10 days later.

can cause systemic disease through blood circulation and cause systemic lesions. It often damages central nervous system, heart and other important organs, and presents serious symptoms of every system. As a result, sun classmates eventually infected dozens of diseases at the same time.

autumn and winter should actively control adenovirus disease

according to media reports, the cold weather in winter, the human body immunity, prone to respiratory and intestinal infectious diseases, in recent years, due to adenovirus causes many kinds of diseases cases have occurred, this kind of disease outbreaks in current kindergarten and school closed environment. To this end, the Shaanxi Provincial Health Planning Committee on the relevant knowledge of the related science of adenovirus has been detailed, and put forward relevant preventive suggestions.

if found has been infected with adenovirus, to do as soon as possible to standardize the treatment, prevent the occurrence of complications, mild patients should rest home treatment, avoid into public places or many people to participate in social activities; with toiletries items should be strictly separated with the people around you, do not mix, to avoid cross contamination; contact with the items should wipe disinfection or hot water after use.

, in addition, winter and spring popular season as little as possible to go to the public places, wear masks when going out, to avoid contact with patients and their droplets, in order to prevent infection. In fact, the most important thing is to develop good personal hygiene habits on weekdays, do not wash their hands, shared utensils, wash disinfection, not to poor sanitary conditions, regular swimming pools and baths and other places, usually drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables; keep indoor ventilation, keep the environment clean, usually to strengthen more exercise, improve immunity, it can prevent adenovirus. Of course, if the above symptoms occur, it is recommended to be in time for medical treatment.

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Nearly 200 students donate blood without retiring