A few skirts offended a country! Ivanka also planted

India the United States the robot the first lady

zhelishimeiguo· 2017-12-03 23:46:57

everyone said, the first daughter Ivanka will wear clothes. But recently, her dress was miserably hit by the India media!!!

27, Ivanka Hyderabad arrived in India, ready to participate in the global entrepreneurship summit. This is the United States President Trump took office, the most important task to trump. India attaches great importance to this, and the specs are also high. In order to meet the provisions of the local government Ivanka, beggars are not allowed in the bus station, train station, or be arrested. Thousands of beggars disappeared overnight...

... Ivanka also very attentively, arrived in Hyderabad, deliberately wore a white pearl decorated with black suit jacket black trousers collocation, because Hyderabad is known as the "Pearl City", here is the India pearl processing and sales center.

" but the India media can not buy it, India DailyO news website reported that the United States brand Ivanka black suit while printing reflects the style of India, but it looks like "just imitate India designer bargains".

"was awarded the" cheap "black suit and

in the first day of the summit, with 23 thousand of the value of the trump green skirt, with" women first, common prosperity "as the theme of a speech, also held a meeting with the Prime Minister of India Modi.

" but "today India" website commented that "the United States presidential adviser are fully prepared for her speech on the stage, but not to make the same evaluation on her".

this skirt is tucking out of the dress level, "the thrill of green" is just "superficial cultural integration".

"by Indian media called" Thriller "lvqun

Ivanka in India in the Hyderabad in two days, a total of 6 outfits, but Indian media said her clothes are" not to impress "...

castle to the India" Golconda ", wearing a black and white dress blue pearl

" with the wind India Golden Flower Print dress bottom "img_box


is the only flower tea red dress India slightly recognized, only she finally left before wearing yellow Crochet Dress "is pretty good".

"is good" yellow Crochet white skirt

"DailyO" called "Ivanka dress does not consider public image", and even ridiculed her as India robot vivid, "like playing a face lift pin Bobbi doll".

" these two days, India media has to give "bad Ivanka dress". And let the India media "angry" is actually, she did not choose India designers.

India DailyO news website reported that Ivanka wore India style clothing, but did not choose India designers is not sincere heart "".

"DailyO" is compared to former U.S. first lady Michel in 2015 with the then US President Obama's visit to India's dress (pictured) said, "Michel walked down from the" Air Force One ", her beautiful blue yellow dress is deeply engraved in all brain … & hellip; she knows that dress the influence of", its designer Bihu Mohapatra was born in India's remote town, eventually became New York's top fashion designer, she not only chose a designer in India, but also to show the world the "American Dream" still exists".

"by the Indian media praised Michel dress

India fashion circles have openly expressed dissatisfaction. "Vogue" magazine editor Bandana Tiwari India to "New York Times" complained that "in the face with a long history and culture of India, should choose the" genuine "Ivanka &hellip dress; … India and the American culture is mixed, this will only be superfluous".

" however, University of Wolverhampton art theorist aliya some grievance: not simply judge trump Ivanka clothing is no respect for the culture of India, even if the traditional clothing designer Ivanka put on India, will not reduce the number of people on the cultural respect sensitive, "in fact, she chose the more conservative clothing than usual, has
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