Screaming night red carpet: Fan Bingbing is wearing a 3D print skirt.

Fan Bingbing a line Wu Yue

fenghuangyule· 2017-12-04 07:03:39

has always been a hotly contested spot red carpet actress, a variety of flowers is a very common thing on the red carpet. Especially at the end of the year, various awards ceremony of the red carpet, the actress who is despite the cold weather again, leave no room, in order to show their good figure, women wear or particularly cool, small really distressed them. The red carpet at the night of last night's night caused a lot of sensation.

Zhou Bichang earlier publicly acknowledged the appearance of micro whole, can see the obvious cosmetic sequelae a bit stiff. It was rare that Li Yuchun, who came from the Super Girls, also appeared on the red carpet, but did not see the same picture of the two people. Today, Bibi is also dressed in a long and handsome style, wearing a handsome and long black coat cool. But Zhou Bichang leather and eye makeup, very Saint feeling, this is the party dress? If you do not see the shoes, feel quite cool, but see this pair of mouth waterproof heels, collocation is neither fish nor fowl.

Ma Yili has been living his own color and flavor over the past two years, which has changed greatly compared with the sloppy and haggard image at the time of the article.

"my former life cast reunited, Xue Zhenzhu plays was Ling Ling" fan girl "? The scene in the night screaming, "my first half" crew reunion, Wu Yue also said "I really was a bit excited, really scream, a big family is so harmonious, the commander of the horse and Jin Dong, I also very surprised to see the kids today, they have come, the lack of the ray caroling. "Ex - husband, I want you to get together!

" elected "female artist of the year" Chris this shape is "grand", a very good interpretation of the weather in Beijing now. Chris wearing a fur coat collocation of sequins wide leg pants aura. Today is really wearing ah, very warm oh ~

" recently a period of silence coulee nuozha, last night is a stunning four, dressed in a pink princess dress, elegant and sweet, captured the hearts of a congregation of fans, but also won the Iqiyi award nuozha "popular artist of the year" award. The coulee nuozha clothing since a certain fashion week after resuscitation, now almost hanging open to describe nuozha dressed in a pink skirt appeared naked, full of fairies, like a fairy. Coulee nuozha long hair is very charming, delicate makeup, three-dimensional facial features, especially the eyes, out of eyes silky feeling, very hook.

" later in the evening, gulina Karzai for a new dress, wearing a naked Pink Plaid print dress collocation, Pink Velvet heels, elegant beauty to suffocating. She is the appearance of quiet atmosphere inside soft and delicate "optional day in mind" of Xu Yourong, but also looks good heart hot cold silence "sewing machine band" Ding Jianguo, on 2017, it is the challenges and opportunities of the year, is also a full and fruitful year. Congratulations nuozha, by virtue of "excellent performance" selection day in mind Xu Yourong's corner, gains in one fell swoop Popular Artiste award!

Yang Mi red carpet style, wearing a black tulle dress, skirt golden color design for overall styling adds a sense of fashion, the large power power is simply the gas field full of red carpet, red carpet queen, unparalleled temperament. But in the red blanket interview, Yang Mi said it was too cold. Yang Mi wore a beautiful dress, the dress is very expensive, it is hard to imagine a over 30 years, and has been married woman should have temperament! And this time Yang Mi also won the love of strange "annual drama female artist", believe that the 2018 Yang Mi, will bring better works for the audience!

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