In Mohe County, the minimum temperature of -40 DEG C to enjoy splashing water into the ice happy tourists

Mohe County games Z

shijuezhongguo· 2017-12-04 08:03:58

2017 in December 2nd, is located in Mohe County County, Heilongjiang Province, the northernmost country in extreme cold weather, the minimum temperature of -40 DEG C. (source: Vision China)

tourists from all over the country play a splashing and ice game in extremely cold weather, enjoying the joy of ice and snow.

, in fact, the principle of splashing water into ice is the same as the forming principle of cloud, which is a process of unsaturated to saturated and then precipitated. In theory, 0°, as long as the water cooldown in the air is long enough, but the lower the air temperature, the faster the freezing speed will be.

take pictures like this, actually there are skills of cocoa. Hold the container to the chest position, forced back 180 degrees up, this C font splashed in addition to manufacturing beauty is also to lengthen the water reaches the ground in time, minus 40° environment, boiling water poured out of this force, the first is the production of large fog, then becomes myriads of arrows at the square.

, remember to bring a thermos cup, because if you take a glass, it will probably freeze to the scene of the shooting.

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