Star Awards Red Carpet: Zhao Liying was frozen to cry


juziyule· 2017-12-04 15:26:34

tonight, Tencent Starlight Awards held in Beijing, the red carpet star bright, I do not know who the beautiful Flash to you? Come and look at the monarch.

Lei Jia sound first come out! The velvet suit is also the great heat of this year. But how does this shape and expression look like an old cadre!

". Xu Lu is the first actress played well, the pink dress deep mystery, skirt is actually inside the pants. Have you found?

" rerba little sister this dress is so beautiful! The skin is white to light!

new big brother is so different every time. Everyone else is more beautiful than heart.

Zhang Yixing and Huang Bo with the box, with call

Bao Ying wear clairvoyant skirt debut, Queen Fan Shizu. But this cold weather, cold to cry Po ying.

of the handsome Wang Jiaer come!

Wu Qian wearing a strapless dress a little sexy panties, ~

your husband Hu come a day! Where are the girls!

"Zhang Yishan and seven" I look forward to new friends cast debut!

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