Fan Bingbing and his staff have dinner, and they are exposed in fact not to eat

Fan Bingbing Li Chen Z

tanzi· 2017-12-04 15:26:52

Fan Bingbing really spells it. He doesn't finish dinner until 9. I also have to go back to the night flight for second days.

" she micro-blog this photo in addition to sigh and her work desperately three Niang, also brought back a lot of the gossip of the heart.

first, the nearest little black - sleeved little sister, who was the closest to the camera, was quite high, and had not been disastrous to be lined with Fan Bingbing in the same frame.

do not believe it. Look at the photo taken by Fan Bingbing and passerby.

" is not simply want to see the little sister Yan value crazy call, name the name of the netizen found the man sitting opposite her face a little different.

, what's the matter? Everyone else looked at the camera with a smile on their faces. But this little brother tried to explain it by "I only have you in my eyes". The deliberate and piggyback point restraint and looked at the little sister, prompted people to guess a variety of melon.

they are lovers? Is the girl student a boy's secret love?

is fierce, or the eye of a net friend. The gossip of the heart a get out of hand, you have to leave.

sure! It is also found that there is no tableware in front of Fan Bingbing. She didn't eat it at all!

looked at it carefully, and there was only a glass of white water in front of her. Do not be confused by the illusion of the eyes, although Fan Bingbing often ridiculed himself as Fan Xiaopang, but the health of the body can not be vague.

" for example, late night eating is taboo. If you really think she's going to eat it at night, you're so naive. She's just having a mirror with her colleagues. How can a female star do something that is so wild at night.

doesn't care about it, but the body is still honest. She saw Li Chen in the campaign, he also follow Qiao Mimi on a treadmill running.

" is the natural result of your Mimi thin.

" usually will go to the gym card.

does not go to the gym to swim and burn fat, anyway, it is not idle.

once changed the mobile phone screensaver to "dead fat, go to lose weight" to motivate herself.

so ah, no one is really not afraid of fat. In the face of a table of seafood meal, fan master is to drink only a cup of white water, admire and admire!

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