He's the first stealth Hongkong rich, Li Jiacheng can't compare

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beiqingwangyule· 2017-12-04 15:27:15

now speaking of Hongkong, you will first think of the four largest families in Hongkong, Li Jiacheng, Guo De Sheng, Li Zhaoji and Zheng Yutong family. But you may not know there are four families of the old, they are Zhou Yongtai, He Qidong, Li Peicai and Lee Hysan family.

He Qidong is the king of Macao He Hongshen ho in Hongkong Taibo ye, Macao has rich generations. The same is the four largest of the old family still has numerous Hysan assets, they can be called Hongkong's first stealth rich family, the real wealth of Li Jiacheng are not necessarily the par.

Lee Hysan family how much wealth, look now out of a family endowment in Hongkong and Mrs. Li Lu Yanqun celebrity filial piety.

Yanqun Li Lu, born in August 1, 1925, is the wife of filial piety and filial piety, so called "Lee and his wife". Lee is the son of filial piety and three hysan. Li Lu Yanqun married Lee Hsiao and was 24 years old, this time Lee and filial piety has been 39 years old, but after the good filial piety and died of illness, Lu Yanqun inherited and filial piety and wealth, and investment, now assets of more than 10 billion, known as Hongkong's first too wide.

" the Lihison family is too wide but billions of a direct, real home can be said to be fabulously rich.

Lee Hysan born in Hawaii in 1879, his father was a businessman, as for their rich family business, can be said to be the world's most profitable business, no one is opium. Hysan early in the United States, 17 years before returning to Hongkong.

" did not enter Hysan early opium business, he first taught at his alma mater for several years after the book, also went to HSBC as a clerk. After a few years he played a lot of work, he has been to Malaysia when the newspaper translation, also opened a sawmill, then working in Yangon's double Wheelock shipping company. After

, he began to start a business with his father's support, and he started a shipping company. The right way to experience, Lee Hysan has laid a good foundation. The time to engage in opium business almost all big and tall arena, the business mind before he entered the Hysan underworld after a big help. After his father died,

inherited his father's opium business and carried forward. The opium business for profit home accumulation of gold and silver. The powerful place is relying on these Hysan money stop business investment path.

in addition to the positive development of opium business, involved in real estate investment and Hysan shipping, diversified investment for a family of great wealth. In 1923 he mountain goose head with 3 million 800 thousand yuan to buy the Tongluowan Jardine, the property foundation laid the Leigh family estate Kingdom ".

, he also spent a lot of money to build Leyuan amusement park. In 1923, his real estate company has been successfully listed in Hongkong. That time is really Hongkong Hysan gangster, he is not only the largest opium business, is also the largest real estate businessman.

but in 1928 when he was very influential business he was assassinated. Hysan leave huge assets, these assets are his 7 children shared the. 7 children

" also Hysan are very good men, their efforts to keep good fortune amplification. The wealth of the Leo is now shocking. On the bright side of wealth, is the family of listed companies held by Hysan development about 45% stake. Now the Hysan development in Hongkong is still the largest real estate companies in Tongluowan. But in addition to this

mingmian on wealth, Lee's family also holds Lee Garden International Hotel, The Garden Hotel, hotel, beauty Xinghua semiconductor company, Shanghai commercial bank, insurance, finance, UnionPay enjoy treasure treasure, enjoy the financial Pacific, Cathay Pacific, Hang Seng, coal, HSBC, and yellow, Hongkong and Tongluowan the number of steel building.

almost all of the famous companies in Hongkong have a stake in their homes. Li Jiacheng's Admiral Company and Whampoa  also have a stake in the home. In fact, I am afraid that the Lijia is the first rich family in Hongkong. These families, who do not show the mountains, do not show water, are really rich. Instead,

, such as Xu Jiayin, Wang Jianlin, Ma Yun and other daily media tycoons, is one hundred billion and two hundred billion in the rich list. Don't you see the richest man Li a day Hejun billion net worth of evaporation.

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