The annual salary is 15 million! Ren Zeping formally joined the Evergrande group

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Ren Zeping, the chief economist who resigned from Fang Zheng securities on 29

11, confirmed joining Evergrande. 4, Hengda Group announced that, according to the company's development strategy for the appointment of Ren Zeping, Hengda Group Chief Economist (vice president) and Hengda Economic Research Institute, mainly responsible for macroeconomic analysis, market development and industry development trend research, provide analysis report for the group's strategic decision, the salary is 1250000 yuan approved / month (i.e., pay 625000 yuan / month, approved a comprehensive bonus 625000 yuan / month), from the date of dispatch.

is understood that after Ren Zeping left, there were media reports that the next station will join Hengda Group, Hengda's annual salary is up to 50 million yuan. However, the officials of Hengda did not confirm the authenticity of the news.

recruits Ren Zeping Evergrande ranked third in revenue

Tencent financial query Hengda Group 2016 earnings informed of executives, Hengda CEO Xia Jiajun salary reached 270 million yuan, the second is to get 15 million 614 thousand yuan annual salary and vice president He Miaoling, chairman of Evergrande financial group Xu Wen, the annual salary reached 10 million 280 thousand yuan. In 3 years,

was replaced by 2 securities firms in May, and Ren Zeping joined Guotai Junan in May

2014. At that time, Guotai Junan research institute director Huang Yanming is everywhere mining macro analysis personnel, after several rounds of contact, deputy director of Macroeconomic Research Department of the development research center of the State Council Ren Zeping will join, new ideas and analysis framework throws much market attention. A year later, Ren Zeping and his team won four awards for new wealth.

since 2014 from the State Council Development Research Center of the sea, Ren Zeping has put forward the "new 5% better than the old 8%", "5000 is not a dream", "line prices doubled," L economy "and" new period "judgment, in 2015 won the best new wealth analyst macro first, 2016, in 2017 won the best new wealth analyst macro third. In June

2016, Ren Zeping left Guotai Junan, the chief economist of Fang Zheng securities and the joint director of the Institute. In November

2017, when Ren Zeping left Fangzheng securities, the next option was no longer a seller study but a transformation in think tanks and industrial research and related management.

November 29th Ren Zeping posted on the WeChat public number Zeping macro "in the letter of thanks said:" behind the honor, is a huge team hard, the establishment of a complete research framework, database and reporting system, more than 3 years to launch report more than 1000, diligent to run research roadshow, flight 270 times, 400 thousand kilometers. "

before, Ren Zeping had hinted that he was going to do something" different "next. At the time, Ren Zeping said it would be possible to do something more pragmatic in the future, such as studying the fields that combine with industry, which would be his future interest. Moreover, the current research may be landing in large class assets, especially in the capital market, which can be considered wider in the future, such as settling in social value and public policy recommendations, so that research can play a greater value.

Ren Zeping resume:

has served as the founder of Securities chief economist, CO director, deputy director of Department of macro research development research center of the State Council, Guotai Junan Securities Research Institute director, chief macroeconomic analyst, financial capital experts, the Ministry of science and technology the National High-tech Zone upgrade experts, Chinese new supply of 50 members of the forum, Renmin University of China, adjunct fellow, foreign trade university part-time professor of Central University of Finance and Economics, part-time tutor. Doctor of economics of Renmin University of China, postdoc, School of economic management, Tsinghua University. It has proposed "new 5% is better than old 8%", "5000 point is not a dream", "reform cattle", "first tier house price doubled", "economic L type" and "new cycle" and so on. 2015 Grand Slam champion analyst.

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