Our army base in Djibouti was photographed by the Japanese

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huanqiuwang· 2017-12-04 16:29:17

, Japan NHK TV reported on December 3rd and 4, the news of rendering Chinese overseas military action, including the of NHK candid camera in Djibouti security base. In the NHK TV station, has a long shot and a candid camera with a peripheral wall.

" Japanese media reports

NHK television in 3, entitled " Chinese focused first overseas base" in the construction of the Djibouti reported that since August this year in Djibouti Chinese logistical base put into use, the shooting from outside Chinese bases in Djibouti also had a picture, NHK TV the shooting to capture the Chinese base external figure.


reports video screenshot reported that Chinese bases in Djibouti is surrounded by a wall thickness of 8 meters, a strong design thought of the famous the Great Wall. in the tower above can also see the soldiers on duty. Inside the base, we can see suspected headquarters buildings, four or five storey residential buildings, and even identify helicopters. Because of long-term stationing, the base is built with solid strength. According to the results of the satellite photo analysis, the Chinese base is building a helicopter airport about 400 meters long, as well as the berth dock of the warship.

reports that the base of China is about 10 kilometers away from the US, French and Japanese self defense forces. At present, the US Army stationed more than 4000 troops in Djibouti and the French army is stationed in more than 2000 people.

Djibouti is located in the strategic entrance of the Red Sea entrance. Apart from the United States and France, Japan has set up the air self defense force base.

of Japan Chinese overseas military strength has always been suspicious, not only is the design on our security base, even interference of Djibouti port of call China escort ships.

data figure: Divers combat exercise

early in August 4th this year, according to the relevant media reports Chinese escort fleet berthing port of Djibouti by the Japanese ships during dressing guard dispatched warships approaching divers China news, news agency Chinese in response to the Department of Defense (ID:huanqiu-com) ring said further, "we have noticed relevant reports. During the execution of the mission, the naval vessels of China maintained close monitoring and effective disposal of the activities in the surrounding sea areas. In fact, China's construction of overseas security base in Djibouti is aimed at better protecting China's military operation in international peacekeeping, Gulf of Aden and Somalia waters, humanitarian relief and other tasks. This plays an active role in the effective implementation of international obligations for the Chinese army and the maintenance of international and regional peace and stability.

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