Fan Bingbing's brother is going to be a net friend: a cosmetic surgery?

Fan Bingbing Kaige Chen Li Chen

tanzi· 2017-12-04 23:59:21

Fan Bingbing has a brother named Fan Chengcheng, who is a family member with Fan Bingbing. Recently he returned from South Korea as an exercise student. According to the Internet, he said he wanted to go back to participate in the talent show.

" at first thought it was a South Korean men's team little meat, face feeling yen value is quite high.

also has a face photo, very handsome! So it feels like South hitch?

many users see photos of him now, while South Korea is very mature and lamented the star line, while wondering he is not cosmetic? Is this the same person as my memory of Fan Bingbing's brother???

van Chengcheng, is a little like that and Fan Bingbing, although the facial features look okay, but together, always feel a little flat. Fan and Dad together, the feeling is the ordinary family father and child … …

9" in Li Chen's proposal, Fan Bingbing has sent a large photo of Zhang Quanjia, the right is Chengcheng fan, frankly this value is not He Yan dad high … …

mother beauty, handsome dad, give birth to Bing Bing is not surprising. The strange thing is, after the birth of Bing Bing just like no ink, the birth of the two children obviously not so careful ah!

" when the van Chengcheng, at first glance a little bit like Yi Xi smelt one thousand, perhaps because of the same paragraph Jarhead and single eyelids.

" in addition to this because Minzui prominent big nostrils, the other is simply easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi I please!

grew up, van Chengcheng looks more like a deft anchor, a bit like a thinner version of Yue Yunpeng.

" who can think of, not the head of the small van Chengcheng because features well, very much like Fan Bingbing, who was also passing this is her illegitimate child?

" while Fan Bingbing said her brother is nine meters, before the photo also release the whole Netcom said her brother is handsome, but a matter of conscience, this handsome face is not handsome, always think it is a waste of his height ah … …

" but to Korea as a trainee after returning Fan Chengcheng, now the whole temperament are not the same, single eyelids slightly stickers posted double fold, can be turned into a double, and the whole face stereo up,

" was to suspect that this is not the same People, should not be the wrong map of the Internet users, right?

" it is no wonder that many netizens questioned, he had plastic surgery … …

ready to participate in the draft, to take on an altogether new aspect, it seems that Fan Bingbing brother is ready to pack up his debut, worth that is, he was born in 2000, now 17 years old, height, color value is now up to, and to his sister in the entertainment circle hold a day, this configuration and Kaige Chen's Chen Feiyu is a meat.

" have to say, people rely on clothes horse saddle, van Chengcheng the biggest change is not facial temperament. A reliable stylist, even thin version of the small Yue Yue, also can become energy-saving ah!

" Chen Feiyu was a little fat, van Chengcheng before rich Township temperament, so straight guys get out of a variety of fitness riotous with colour jackets, buy nice clothes, you have hope!

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