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one, Saleh was killed by the husai weapon. According to the news of the former Yemen President Saleh, 4, revealed that Saleh was killed by hussai armed. Earlier, according to the Russian satellite news agency, the fierce fighting between Yemen hucse armed forces and former president Saleh supporters in Sanaa, Yemen, has resulted in 245 deaths. The Iran embassy was caught fire by rocket fire.

reported that the fighting broke out in November 29th near the largest mosque in Sanaa, and the battle quickly spread to other parts of the city. In December 2nd, efforts to mediate the conflict between Yemen's Hu se armed and former president Saleh's supporters broke down. Saleh's political party appealed to the Yemen people to defend the country against Hu's armed forces. The Arabia coalition, led by the

government of the Yemen government, welcomes the initiative of former president Saleh. It was reported that 90 people were killed in the day of the war. In December 4th, the two sides continued to fight for the control of SANA, and used tanks.

two, who is Saleh?

Saleh was the first president of Yemen. He served as president of the Arabia Republic of Yemen (North Yemen) from 1978 to 1990. After the reunification of Yemen, the president of the Republic of Yemen had been reappointed to resign in 2012 and was in power for thirty-four years.

from the beginning of January 2011, he faced a lot of domestic public protests demanding his resignation because of pressure, in the face of the Arabia national GCC mediation agreement he shilly-shally several times back in his resignation attitude, leading to the May 23rd outbreak of the conflict in the capital of anti-government armed with government forces, causing the death of hundreds of people.

11 month 23 days, in the international community and the efforts under pressure, Saleh in the Saudi capital, the palace of Riyadh reached by the GCC and the United Nations signed mediation agreement agreed to cede power [4] was established, headed by Vice President Hardy military management committee, Saleh continue to serve as honorary president, but did not have any real power. The presidential election is held within 90 days after the signature. The official transfer of power in February 27, 2012. What is the

three and the Hu Sai armed forces? The

militant organization is an anti government arm of the Shia branch of the Islamic religion in the Republic of Yemen. In 1992 in Yemen province to establish the northern sa'ada, founder of zaidiyyah religious leader Hussein Huse. In September

2014, the armed attack on the capital, Sanaa, launched a coup, which controlled some government buildings and radio stations. In January 2015, the armed forces continued to control the capital, Sanaa, and besieged the prime minister's house. The crossfire with the government forces killed many people. On 21

2, President Hardy fled the capital of the capital, Sanaa, from the capital of Jose, and returned to Aden, the capital of southern Yemen. Subsequently, he withdrew before the resignation of the GCC countries have moved to Aden embassy, to express support for Hardy. The armed Jose continued to move forward to Aden. On 26

3, the multinational coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, launched a decisive storm, starting with a sustained air attack on the target of Hu's armed forces.

four, what is the contradiction between Saleh and the Hu Sai armed forces? In

2011, Yemen was in turmoil, when President Saleh stepped down. In 2012, vice president Hardy of the Saleh era was elected president of the transitional government. However, the differences between Saleh and Hardy were gradually expanding, and Saleh began to engage in secret contact with the Jose armed forces.

2016 in July, the National People's Congress Jose armed with former president Saleh led the "supreme political Council" in October of the same year, the establishment of the so-called "national salvation government", and recognized by the international community, the government led by President Hardy meet as equals. However, after the alliance with Saleh and the formation of the "government", the two sides have been disagreed on how to "manage the country". In September

2017, the armed forces announced the appointment of "military commanders", "the chairman of the Supreme Judicial Committee" and "the finance minister". Saleh then issued a statement that refused to recognize the appointment, on the basis of the unilateral decision of the armed forces of Hu to destroy the friendship between the two sides. In September 13th, the

militants accused Saleh of standing on the Saudi side and threatened to dissolve the political and military alliance between the organization and Saleh. In November 29th, Saleh's supporters refused to enter Jose armed Saleh mosque celebrated on the second day of the major holiday mawlid islam.

since then, there has been sporadic fighting between Saleh's Republican Guard and huose armed forces, and increased firepower in December 2nd, resulting in 80 deaths and more than 120 injuries. Both sides accuse the other side of starting trouble.

five, where will Yemen go?

analysts pointed out that Jose armed and Saleh had jointly oppose the government of Yemen, but now that the civil war in Yemen, it is possible to completely change the was a stalemate. How the situation in Yemen will develop in the future will depend to a large extent on the degree of intervention in Saudi Arabia and Iran and other regional powers.

analysts pointed out that behind the three sides of dogma's armed forces, Saleh forces and the Yemen government led by Hardy, the game between the regional powers Saudi Arabia and Iran. Saudi Arabia supports the Hardy administration, Iran supports the Hu - Sai armed forces, and Saleh is looking for opportunities to return to politics.

on Iran's mediation role, analysts believe that if the Saleh side failed to get Saudi Arabia enough

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Read: where the former president was killed and where the door was going

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