She was worried about syphilis infection to the child to cover her dead daughter

Infection birth female

chutiandoushibao· 2016-05-15 09:17:05

< p > with depressed mothers Lee, accident during the treatment of syphilis pregnant, six months after the birth of her daughter, because of fear of daughter has been their own infection, in desperation, she unexpectedly her to the toilet cover dead. Before the day, the case in East Lake, Wuhan high tech District Court sentenced.

36 year old woman Li Moujia live in Hongshan, with her husband, Jo, have a son. In 2014, Lee unexpectedly pregnant, she did not like the other mother, because pregnant with a second child and delighted, but bend the brows. Because Lee was diagnosed with syphilis in 2012, has been in the treatment, the annual treatment costs are not poor. 2014 that their unexpected pregnancy, her husband do not talk with the child. Later after intense ideological struggle, January 25, 2015, Lee in the Guanshan hospitals successfully produced baby blossoming.

daughter was born, Lee is always worried about their own body of syphilis will be spread to her daughter through the mother. More let Lee sleepless nights, if until daughter blossoming grow up one day, that the disease himself, and will definitely hate a mother and the disease to lifelong treatment, let her long-term injection treatment, not only will affect her life, families can't afford it.

2015 years in August 18th, Lee took to the CDC to play a vaccine, was told by the nurse, if the child does not rule out suffering from syphilis, can not be vaccinated. Lee in daughter blossoming not diagnosed with syphilis, to give up the vaccine, in holding the daughter to go home on the road also initiation of the a terrible idea: will kill his daughter. < p > sitting in the last row of seats 913 bus, Lee holding the daughter, trying to with his hands covering his daughter's mouth and nose, but due to her daughter kept struggling, and she could not bear to continue. Until after getting off, to see a health hospital, Lee will be her daughter into the toilet cover death. Later, Lee called a tricycle numb car hold her daughter's body home, the mother-in-law heard children did not immediately cursed daughter-in-law. Cao rushed back to the hospital to be rushed to the hospital is too late.

days ago, the East Lake high tech district court hearing the case that the defendant Lee constitutes a crime of intentional homicide. After identification, Lee suffering from depression, to limit the ability of criminal responsibility. Due to Lee crime system has not completely lost the recognize or control his own conduct mental patients, may be given a lighter punishment according to law. And Lee Department to take the surrender, accordingly, the court finally sentenced to 10 year imprisonment lee. (text characters pseudonym) (reporter Nie Lijuan correspondent procuratorate)

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