IPhone's next screen, perhaps from China

Samsung iPhone iPhone x Jingdong

jikeshijie· 2017-12-05 07:27:20

According to

ETnews, apple is now working with China's largest display maker, BOE, to develop a folding OLED screen.

, in fact, the news of a couple of months of cooperation between apple and the East Asia has been all the time. Overseas media reported that Apple has been testing the OLED screen for a couple of months, and Apple Corp has tried to add BOE to the supplier team of apple iPhone screen.

is known, apple for supply chain manufacturers quality requirements are very strict. If the two sides come to a partnership, it will become the first known screen supplier for Apple except Japan and South Korea.

just, this year just the old partner Samsung selected as the OLED screen supplier of apple, why suddenly a change in the painting, hit the home screen manufacturer's abacus?


is even lose the first battle screen for screen color tune good apple, this year for the first time equipped with supplied by Samsung OLED screen also suffered in Waterloo.

according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 11th, more than 20 just get a $999 iPhone X is a green line there exposed side of the screen, iPhone X users have expressed confusion.

" in addition to "green door", a common burn-in OLED screen in iPhone X is preserved. In the long term show a fixed screen, the screen will appear local ghost legacy, which is mostly equipped with OLED screen mobile phone often appear problem.

, in addition to the lack of OLED screen capacity for apple, also limited the speed and sales of iPhone X to a certain extent. Remove Samsung, the world can do mass production of the OLED screen is also just a LG. The OLED screen quality and display, the Samsung is not worse than a tiny bit.

can not hang on a tree. Under the current situation of Samsung monopoly supply, Apple's idea is self-evident. In order not to be hampered by the two big manufacturers, the apple chose to avoid the shortage of supply chain. Of course, such a choice will not make the one in the East. After all, Samsung is still in the forefront of the industry in terms of capacity and good quality.

" in addition, even if the Jingdong OLED screen, can not be directly used in the apple iPhone, for product checks, maybe Apple will be small scale trial in a long time after the test. To avoid large-scale screen problems to the maximum extent.

, but for JDI, SHARP and other traditional screen manufacturers, the trend of screen screens is relatively late. In such a situation, it may be the best time for Beijing.

good time, folding screen

in addition to exposure with the cooperation of BOE, recently Apple Corp patent documents were exposed, the file content shows is a folding intelligent device.

, although the patent text description is broader, it is only pointed out that the device has "flexural part", allowing the device to be folded and opened like a book. The device uses a flexible screen, and the screen can be flexed after folding.

, which means Apple doesn't actually point out that the device is a cell phone. Its patented products may be tablets, but also mobile phones, watches and so on. But with a flexible screen is That's final.

, and facing the olive branches thrown by apple, BOE also feel pressure on productivity.

reported that the top officials in the east of Beijing recently visited Apple's headquarters. It plans to make the B11 line of Sichuan and the B12 line being plotting into an apple - phone OLED line. Among them, 70% of B11 plant capacity will be invested in flexible OLED production, and the remaining 30% capacity will produce foldable panels, while in B12, the share of flexible OLED and collapsible panel will account for 50%.


BOE flexible screen in addition to capacity upgrade, by improving the technical level is also the BOE to form differentiated advantages, earlier in Chengdu show the 6 generation of flexible OLED panel production line had been fully put into use. If the good quality rate and other indicators are solved, it does not exclude that the East Asia can do large-scale production for the folding iPhone in the future. After

Apple eats crabs, more manufacturers choose BOE? The cooperation between

apple and the Beijing Orient has promoted the influence of domestic screen in the world to a certain extent. At the same time, there is no denying that there is a certain gap between BOE and top panel makers. If we want more overseas brands to recognize Jingdong's screen, we should first allow domestic manufacturers to recognize it.

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