India's most successful helicopter nearly killed the president

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fenghuangjunshi· 2017-12-05 07:31:33

reported that India stair is considering selling its technology of "multipolar helicopter" Polaris technology to a local defense company to start the commercial production of the helicopter. So far, the leadership of the India Stan Airlines has not yet decided which company to produce double - hair combat helicopters with its technology. But they stressed that the company would be able to sell independently or sell its products through India Stan airlines. The price of the possible contract is still unknown in the future.

ALH "Polaris" universal helicopter is mainly used to attack India and search and rescue equipment, landing skid resistance, anti tank missile crashed, infrared equipment, with night attack capability, the captain 15.87 meters, the main vane is 13.2 meters in diameter. The machine is 4.91 meters in height, take-off weight of 5.5 tons, 2.6 tons of load, the machine carrying 14 members, which can carry 1.1 tons of fuel.

"North Star" the maximum cruising speed of up to 250 km / h, the maximum flight distance of 650 km, the maximum time of 4 hours, the maximum ceiling of 6000 meters, India has also had laughed at China no one in the high altitude combat helicopter. Military type "North Star" helicopter can be equipped with 4 air-to-air missiles or 8 anti tank missiles, in addition, it is also equipped with 20 mm guns and unguided rockets and other weapons.

" as one of India's most successful domestic weapons and equipment, also has a national introduction, Columbia, Brazil and Chile and other countries have once wanted to buy this helicopter, India had to recommend the purchase of 30 printed Chile advanced light helicopter procurement agreement the contract is worth about 4 billion rupees.

also made a determined decision for Chile. It immediately refused the bid of arms dealers in the US and Europe, and decided to purchase helicopters made in India. After the agreement was signed, it is expected that Malaysia, Mauritius, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia are also likely to order the ALH helicopters of India.

" but it is worth mentioning is that, in addition to Chile, ALH "Polaris" helicopter beat including Israel El bit, Kazan, many of the world's top helicopter company, successfully won the Ecuador 7 $50 million 700 thousand order.

who would have thought that the 7 Polaris helicopters purchased in Ecuador crashed 4 accidents in a few years, and even a "Polaris" helicopter crashed at the 89th anniversary celebration ceremony of the air force. One of the destroyed helicopters was specially responsible for the president.

" this time India airlines to Stan the transfer of technology related to domestic enterprises for civilian use, itself a "North Star" helicopter also has civilian type, mainly used for passenger transport, branch / coastal operations, rescue, and emergency medical services law enforcement. Just at this level, it is very worrying that if a helicopter accident occurs during the rescue, it will involve the rescue workers, and at the same time, it may also affect the rescue process.

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