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fenghuangjunshi· 2017-12-05 07:31:43

said the U.S. media reports, China Navy in November two river island (056/056A) frigate into the column, respectively in November 16th and November 28th in Guangdong province in the south of Guangzhou China a naval base into the column, but also mentioned China a year in service a total of 7 ships, 60 ships will have this type of service ships.

" according to the type 056 frigate from the beginning of 2012, showing the high density water situation, usually launching 7~10 ships every year, so far, about 43 vessels under water. Relatively special in 2014, only 6 were launched, and the number of remodeled warships has already exceeded 39.

if you want to say practical words, 056 well, the ship displacement of 1400 tons, 89 meters long, 12 meters wide, the maximum speed of 28 knots, equipped with 1 76 mm guns, stealth a red sea -10 short-range air defense missile, 4 Eagle -83 anti-ship missiles, 2 30 mm gun nearly. Also equipped with anti submarine torpedoes and anti submarine rocket launchers, although the size is not big, but both the anti-ship missiles, air defense and anti submarine fire.

" is not only practical and the price is very cheap, military experts Zhang Zhaozhong said, the 056 ship is China navy ships made a design for decades of accumulated experience, the accumulation of burst in this sea. Its standardized production has reached the degree of modularization, industrialization and pipelining. Because the ship's demand is too large, it will still have to be made, at least a few dozen. The sixty or seventy ship also can not spend too much money, it is mainly in the inshore housekeeping nursing homes, and its export sales are also very good.

data show that the ship has been exported and has entered service in Bangladesh and the Nigeria Navy, January 8, 2013 Chinese began construction of a 2 ship type 056 export version for the Bangladesh Navy, 2015 the two countries signed the second batch of 2 ships of this type of warship purchase agreement; in 2012, Nigeria to China to order 2 ships offshore patrol ships. That is P18N now patrol ship, the prototype is type 056 frigate. The purchase of the two is different. Bangladesh is a simplified version of the two, and the Nigeria is a magnified edition.

seat has said that such a ship can be used as a main ship for some third world countries, and the market is very broad. This is the reason, type 056 military police vessel improved can greatly improve the ability of the coast guard maritime security and bad weather sea conditions and the law enforcement duty to combat maritime smuggling, robbery and other illegal and criminal activities, play a key role in building a better service of marine economy.

for African countries smuggling seriously, the purchase of the type 056 frigate not only can be used as the national capital ships and practical, in the usual sea duty also has a very good effect, and even in the face of the pirate ship, the ship also can play a very strong vitality.

"as Chinese Navy under the dumplings already belongs to the normalization of the type 056 frigate is very small warships, more and more large warships has also opened the" dumpling "mode, such as the 054A frigate 052D, the next 055 destroyers, missile destroyer, frigate 054B will also launch Everfount.

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