The reporter is Ou Guan hospital mortuary fees price morgue

Zhou Zhi county office dead

shanxidoushikuaibao· 2017-12-05 15:48:55

from the beginning of November 27th, Shaanxi radio and TV station "city hotline" column has been in Zhouzhi County People's hospital mortuary fees continue to focus on price ". And yesterday, the reporter went to Zhou Zhi county people's house again for an interview, and was beaten by a number of people, and was also closed to the morgue for dozens of minutes.

event review: in November 19th, November 19th, Zhou Zhou maternal Yu Nana gave birth to a boy in Zhouzhi County People's Hospital, and there was an emergency and finally died. In the event of maternal death, the people's Hospital of Zhouzhi County has fault and resorted to the court.

2017" in July, Xi'an City Intermediate People's court made two trial decision that Zhouzhi County People's hospital compensation for the families of the deceased 50 yuan, followed by the court for compulsory execution, the family got the money, however, when the family is going to go to the hospital take maternal burial, Zhouzhi County People's hospital was told to pay 150 yuan a day, a total of about 100000 yuan fee "".

parties will then reflect this situation to the "city hotline" column group, "city hotline" all media reporter has four times of Zhouzhi County People's hospital the price charged fees "morgue incident investigation interview. According to the reporter, according to the Xi'an Municipal Planning Commission website content, according to medical service items in Shaanxi province price 2011 edition, two hospital mortuary autopsy fee is 20 yuan a day. Even if the reference year were revised in April 2017 edition, the two grade hospital morgue mortuary fees is only 24 yuan a day, the price charges morgue according to

two grade of Zhouzhi County People's hospital where? In December 1st

2017, the reporter received a call from the party that the hospital was informed that the body was pulled away and no charge was charged. In order to do further investigation clearly, before the interview several doubts and the implementation of this Monday is December 4th the reporter again went to interview, in the understanding of the parties at home ready to be buried after 16 p.m., and Zhouzhi County Propaganda Department of communication, the reporter came to the office of Zhouzhi County People's hospital.

" in the office, the reporter saw a director of China office, that the interview had come after the white director said to make a telephone call, then leave the hospital office. About a minute later, more than ten dozen young men in uniform, suspected of being a security guard rushed into the

. The last one came from Li Xinfang, director of the Zhouzhi people's Hospital and director Bai. According to the interview process, the reporter first presented his reporter card and the unit's letter of introduction. "Why did you come again?" said President Li. "The reporter replied:" I'm here to continue the investigation. "Then the reporter took out a piece of information about the incident, ready to verify with President Li. When the reporter didn't think about it, he pointed to the young man who was suspected of security. He said," fight for me! " "A dozen people immediately surrounded by reporters who interviewed and tried to snatch the equipment during the first robbery assault, then more than ten people together to reporters cuff and kick. It is shocking that the white director has joined the ranks of the people. After the beating of the hospital office,

forced the reporters to drag them down, and beat the reporters from the four floor office to the first floor security room. In the security room, reporters encountered third assault, this time in addition to the other ten people also cuff and kick, armed with sticks, told reporters in the head, chest, back, legs. In the beating process, the batterer reporters were not allowed to rise, one security said: "the old Xin (Zhouzhi County People's hospital managers) called out," a few minutes later, the old Xin and batterer together stripped off clothes and the reporter set up, and continue to take turns beating the reporter!

" (reporter beaten photos)

three beat after the end of each other, and forced the morgue. The reporter brought to the hospital, threatened you not to investigate the morgue? Let you stay up today! "In this way, the reporter was forcibly detained in the hospital morgue. After dozens of minutes, the other person released the reporter, and took two thousand yuan to forcibly plug it to the reporter. During this period, a number of people took a mobile video, and asked the reporter to "cooperate with a smile", otherwise it would be a poison. At the end of all

, the other side returned the belongings of the reporters. Check after the reporter found that in addition to mobile phone and interview equipment destroyed and removed material, 300 yuan in cash to carry the reporters after leaving the hospital take wings to itself, and give an alarm to the local police, reporters also followed the car by the other side, until the arrival of Xi Bao highway toll station before leaving the other martial arts.

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