Compared to these, the SONY projector is far from intelligent

SONY King glory Z

chaping· 2017-12-05 17:02:24

do you remember the SONY Dafa projector Xperia Touch?

can turn any projection screen into a touchscreen black technology projector.

is said to play the glory of the king cool

, Xperia Touch has been officially on sale, but the price is also very well, SONY, China has more than 20000.

, look at it. The SONY

can not afford to buy it today, Toni to introduce a black technology projection equipment with Xperia Touch as cool a sense of the future:


" don't look at it is a shade.. In addition to being used as a common desk lamp,

has a projection function.

, most importantly, the projected pattern can also be directly touched operation!!!

amplification reduction, random adjustment.

, you can even associate it with real objects, allowing the projection screen to move along with the movement of objects.

meets obstacles on the desktop, projection will automatically identify and avoid objects.

is not cool, which can match SONY Xperia Touch.

this is an intelligent projection device developed by the Future Interfaces Group team at the Carnegie Mellon University in the United States.

Future Interfaces Group how to say, is a very cool Diao research team, specializing in all kinds of future interactive mode, many of their products are people eye-opening interactively.

is especially the way we use smart phones, such as


, a new form of file transfer! The

phone is on the screen, and the file is dragged into the cell phone.

, see which picture you like, put your phone up, and send pictures to your phone directly.

, or even login to various websites do not need to lose account passwords, and a key to transfer account passwords.

out of the outside, it is more convenient to transfer files with friends.

next is even cooler.

Deus EM EM can recognize these objects after mobile phone touching objects.

" of course do you think, simply recognize these objects?

is the most powerful, when identified, it can be transformed into a universal remote control directly to control these objects!!! When

recognizes the air conditioner switch, the mobile phone becomes the air conditioner remote control.

identifies the projector and directly controls the switch of the projector.

identifies the lock after going out, and directly enters the password on the phone, it can open the door.

, and so on. There are many products like them. Each of them will make you feel amazing.

's only problem now is that many of the products of Future Interfaces Group are still in the laboratory stage, and we can only see and do not experience it personally.

poor restrict Toni's imagination, do not know what the future interaction you think is what kind of?

voice interaction? Hand manipulation? Eyeball recognition? Idea control? Or other cool forms, welcome messages and Toni.

"well, even if it comes out, I can't afford to buy ~"

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Compared to these, the SONY projector is far from intelligent

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