Why do domestic mobile phones do not develop their own system

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zhidianwang· 2017-12-05 17:04:03

< 635 > smart power network: a long time ago, mobile phone is only when the function of machine, we never imagine not equipped with the operating system to the mobile phone, NOKIA started from the launch of the first smart mobile phone, the mobile phone uses the intelligent NOKIA Symbian system, English Symbian, Symbian operating system the Symbian Limited system designed for mobile phone.

launched its first iPhone mobile phone in 2007, apple began from that time, the IOS operating system with Google Apple second, regardless of the developed Android operating system, now, as we all know, intelligent mobile phone has been Apple's iOS and Android two operating system monopoly.

speaking of the two operation systems, the author will give you an introduction. Android is a free and open source operation system based on Linux. It is mainly used in mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet computers. It is led and developed by Google Corporation and open cell alliance.

iOS is a mobile operating system developed by the Apple Corp. Apple Corp first announced the system at the January 9, 2007 Macworld conference, originally designed for iPhone, and later applied to iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV products. IOS, like the Mac OS X operating system of apple, belongs to the commercial operating system of Unix.

1, did not imagine that simple "

" on arrival of the development of a system, why domestic mobile phone operating system is not suitable for the development of a Chinese we use, but the use of Android systems in many domestic mobile phone has almost uniform or Zhuolve. The improved system, each mobile phone had to pay the Google Corporation. In fact,

, for an operating system, the development time is not so simple, as early as NOKIA Symbian Symbian, but the first one has a mobile phone operating system of intelligent mobile phone industry king, at that time, Saipan has up to 35 million for a large number of code, has brought a huge obstacle for later management and upgrade. What does

mean? To really develop a system, we need tens of millions of lines of code, but the more code is, the better we need to refine. Besides, at present, the mature operation system has its own technology structure, and there is no programming language and software developing tool in China, plus the shortage of top technical talents, so it is very likely that our country wants to develop operation system.

comment: of course, we also have no domestic technical personnel to develop their own system, but it requires a lot of money, and the main functions of the operating system is to connect the hardware and software coordination, so here is the biggest difficulties is compatible with software. If the domestic mobile phone system can only use a limited APP, and there is still a limited APP user experience is not high. All of this, because of this, even if we develop the system, the development speed of many APP will also drop a lot, so that users can't experience the convenience brought by the mobile phone system.

2, the ecological chain is a very important core of

do not know friends remember? A few years ago, when iOS and Android competed with each other, Samsung launched its own TouchWiz system, Microsoft Windows Phone system, and blackberry BlackBerry system. At that time, many systems were also antagonistic to iOS and Android, but they had never been successful.

even so powerful, Microsoft and Samsung in the mobile phone operating system has no footing, today, still winning iOS and Android system, so the possibility of domestic mobile phone to striking not. But for domestic mobile phones, if you want to survive, you can only follow the Android system, because Android system has a perfect ecological chain. The simple point is to follow the Google developers to eat meat.

, for now, the biggest factor that restricts the operation of a mobile phone system is not how good and advanced it is, but the ecosystem. That's the key. The huge amount of loading can bring power to the developers of the application, and the more users, the developers will be profitable.

comment: if a domestic mobile phone wants to make a perfect Android phone, not a Hard Suits Inc can finish it alone, it needs the support of the entire ecosystem chain. At present, Android is the mainstream operating system, the market share in China is over 90%, the share in the world is 60%, and the future Android operating system will be bigger and bigger.

3, manufacturers to develop the system is "img_box id=" class= standby

" although many domestic mobile phone has been used in the Android operating system developed by Google, which is not to say that the domestic mobile phone will give up the development of its own system, but the time is not mature, the domestic mobile phone to help users to experience the new mobile phone function and unique, must first use Android operating system to support its own mature hardware core
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