China is tough enough in the South China Sea! 3 big moves have just been exposed.

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daguozhiyi· 2017-12-05 17:13:14

has been established since the framework of the "South China Sea code of conduct" framework, and the consensus of the countries concerned has formed a peaceful solution to the problem. The South China Sea is becoming calm. However, when the trees are calm and the wind is not strong, some countries in the world continue to hype the South China Sea issue while controlling differences and strengthening cooperation between the countries concerned in China and the South China Sea. They also want to show their strength in the South China Sea. As the saying goes, the good soldiers will stop, and China is ready to deal with it.

12 3 reference news network reported that the U.S. foreign scholars website to "China two" New Navy submarine killer "stealth ship" title reports, the two new warships - Guangyuan ship (hull number 552) and Suining ship (hull number 551), respectively in November 16th and November 28th in Guangdong province in southern Guangzhou China naval base. They will serve in the PLA Navy South China Sea fleet, which is responsible for China's naval operations in the South China Sea.

China's current frigates are divided into two types, one is a multipurpose frigate, and the other is a special anti submarine warfare frigate. The Guangyuan and Suining ships belong to the antisubmarine frigate. Equipped with 4 pieces of "Eagle 83" anti-ship missile, a 76 mm gun, two 324 mm three torpedo launchers, and variable depth and towed sonar. The deck can park and carry out the task of anti submarine warfare. The Z-9 helicopter is 89 meters long, 11 meters wide and 1500 tons full load. It has good stealth. It is a new generation of light missile escort ship developed by China. It is reported that the Chinese Navy plans to build 60 such frigates.

Chinese so generous to build anti submarine escort ship and the South China Sea is closely related to the situation, although the countries within the region have reached a consensus on cooperation, but the foreign home is constantly clamoring to send warships to the South China sea to cruise, in addition to the United States warships from time to time to the South China Sea demonstrations, the British also arrogant claims to send two aircraft carriers to the South China Sea around Japan are also eager to. For these hostile countries, China is necessary to strengthen deterrence. If anyone wants to destroy the peace and stability of the South China Sea, China has the ability to deal with it, and not only on the sea, but also in the air.

recently Air Force transport -9 cluster from the west a raid airport, thousands of kilometers, arrived in the South China reefs were dropped after a drill, return at night. This is the first time for the domestic medium transport aircraft to carry out the long course of the sea training, which marks the full formation of the fighting capacity of the -9 aircraft. It is of great significance to personnel, weapons, equipment support and logistics supply in the direction of the South China Sea. The modern war, to a great extent, is the logistics, and with the continuous supply of supplies, it has the ability to fight for a long time. The extraterritorial countries with difficulties in recharging over the distance have a great advantage, and the initiative is firmly in the hands of China.

we have a reliable guarantee not afraid of confrontation, step back and really fight, not just in the South China Sea Chinese. November 29th CCTV reported, our air force F 11B fighter from the northeast cold motor over thousands of miles south China Sea Islands airport, sea air combat training and subjects, adapt to the deep sea combat troops training environment. The long distance raid exercise greatly enhances the air support of the South China Sea, the air force can be summoned if something happens in a wider range, sent fighters to support naval action at any time. Any country in the China door trouble have to weigh, can withstand the sea Chinese fist.

" in addition to the long-range raid drills fighter to compete for control of the air and sea attack Chinese air force also carried out targeted training. In November 23rd, the official reports that the air force China boom -6K and other type of fighter planes before the first island formation across the ocean to carry out training bus channel and the Miyako Island Strait, the South China Sea and to combat. In addition to the South China Sea bombers flew over the attack on the warship, can also launch cruise missiles against enemy base to prevent local naval support. Once the enemy in the South China Sea that is a sure catch trouble, shut the dogs up to beat them. A lot of warships can not stand such a linkage between the sea and air, the South China Sea is not to come to walk on the place.

China and neighboring countries want peace in the South China Sea, but there are so few countries want to reap profits from provoking conflict. In order to guarantee the peace and stability of the South China Sea, the war side can stop the war and only make full preparation to contain the ambitions of the foreign countries.

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