Israel's 3 - day 2 - day air raid on Syria this time, half of the 6 missiles were intercepted

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huanqiuwangjunshi· 2017-12-05 17:17:40

" [global network reported] December 5th, informed sources told the Russian satellite news agency said Syria's air defense forces repelled Israel in the west of Damascus is a research center of the missile attack.

insiders say Syria's air defense forces destroyed 3 of the 6 missiles launched by Israel to the Damascus suburban research center. On 2

12, the Syrian air defense forces reacted back to a missile attack by Israel on a military facility near Damascus. According to Israeli media reports, the target is the Iran military base.

later, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not comment on the attack itself, but said that if Iran deploys military bases in Syria, Tel Aviv or Syria will launch attacks.

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