Exclusive analysis: Storm hero gold league MVP hero preferences

League storm hero gold preference

tuwanwang· 2016-05-15 10:52:22

The main T

MVP.Black by Muradin and tau, and the slave T is Sonya, Sal and Zeratu. Back to the werewolf, Kell Texas, auxiliary core is regar.

#p#MVP.Black spring tournament to win #e#

MVP.Black and eStar is about to play in the storm hero gold League second degrees.

MVP.Black the South Korean team in the world championships in the spring, the unbeaten record of taking the final title. This year's Golden Spring league match, they are only a small field to rest, to record impressive victory of the semi-finals.

's Rich and Sigh front hero fighting type preference


/ assassination type

common Hero: Sonya, Illidan, and an additional Zeratul, Dehaka

[ Img2]


fighting type < common Heroes: Muradin, Ngau Tau, Tyrrell, Joe Hannah

Sigh as a front row, in conjunction with the team to choose the majority will pay attention to the case of multiple absorption damage, enhance their mobility, or simply as a strong control of the existence of the front. Golden League until now, sigh of the Minotaur played four games, Muradin played nine games, this reflects, Singh itself is a can with team to beat pulling, help nearly thorn position to absorb damage, and able to grasp the opportunity to use some front helped the team to play even control effect of players. At the same time, we should also note that the front row of the Sigh to choose the majority will take into account the Rich's hero selection, which is very interesting thing.

Rich is one of the main MVP output now use Sonya that he recently received a large number of VIP value. However these in addition to the rich technical tough outside, we should also pay attention to, a lot of our are their teammates, particularly is front sigh unceasingly absorb spells and damage for the rich to create better living environment. < p > remember playing ESTAR a bureau, Muradin Singh as simply eat the ESTAR team output, protect the help of the shield in the same team Tassa Dahl residual blood retreat when rich mulberry Yaru avatar general, no one can stop. We look at the strength of the Rich itself at the same time should also be more to see, his teammates with his life to create a good offensive environment for him. < p > in addition, MVP in the Golden League automatics, choose their former hero, especially rich and have not resorted to sangya the big kill device, but is can make some relatively mediocre hero, but MVP overall super strength to see, they are covered in rich hero pool, until the MVP encountered ESTAR began, rich began to use Illidan, Sonya, version of the strong, easy to carry the hero, in fact he with the help of his teammates also brought up the rhythm. Hero preference



commonly used auxiliary and professional type hero hero

#p# #e#

assisted preference and professional preference

auxiliary and professional players merryday and KyoCha: Regal, Tyrande, Uther,



/ professional common Hero: Tassa Dahl, falstad, Abase, Joel

MVP core, not Rich, not Sigh, which is merryday. The thin and monkeys, like the young man, each bureau not only with a lot of treatment, as he commanded also lets the MVP of the whole team of advance and retreat the considerable progress. < hero from the point of view, merryday pay more attention to regen, up to 9 Regal use rate on the one hand, let his personal mobility to the explosion. Lies in the Xteam game, a person not only tease the team Xteam, also let the teammate smooth pursuit and attack killed Xteam teams of people, can see the deep understanding of merryday of regal. Regal talent selection is not immutable, merryday also with practical action to prove this point, from the scope of lightning shield to enhancing totems, merryday is never fixed the choice of his talent, but according to the configuration of the team adjustment. < p > everyone in the rich sangya impressive when, also should be noted in his Tassa Dahl silently behind a shield of, that is KyoCha. This professional and secondary user. Not just support the Rich, but also for other people in the same team, including the subsequent users of the Sake provides a lot of protection. Tassa Dahl's use of the skills needed, especially how to use the shield to the first time to resist the enemy's attack skills, this is undoubtedly KyoCha has done very well.

in addition to his use of Abasse is also impressive. And omg games, cool place dodge thrall's ultimate and pursuit, a stall OMG four of 15 seconds, let the entire stadium for exclaimed: Abasse riding face how to lose? < / P > < p > < br from the point of view of the hero, KyoCha position more is biased support and professional, his Zur in the team pull, single band line to each other is not only bring soldiers line pressure, more is oppression of the enemy's experience, thus forcing the enemy to defend and eat on the line, break each other's defensive formation. This time between MVP strong personal ability and team cooperation, is enough to crush their opponents. Therefore, the author believes that KyoCha this position should not be underestimated. When both teams are fierce fights, is likely to KyoCha of zur or Abasse in the continuous impact of a 3S buildings and the line of soldiers, and also indirectly give his team to help, this is terrible. The back of the

#p# and nearly thorn hero preference #e#

rear and nearly thorn hero preference


type / professional type < common heroes and assassination: Kael'thas, werewolf, Li Min

I think, sake is rich aura is most likely to be ignored by a major point of firepower. From the point of view of hero, the sake of most hero is to kill the hero type, in addition to each game with a lot of output, his death number actually pitiful. This is very terrible, because Li Min, werewolves, including Kael'thas these heroes, is actually very easy to is for and by death. And as the main output of these heroes once the death, the overall output of MVP will be reduced by a majority, even if there is Rich, is not enough to see. But it's a tiny little death rate, so that MVP can long maintain a strong firepower output. We see with the team KyoCha, merryday provides protection for the at the same time, also can not underestimate the sake itself on the hero's understanding and excellent location.

Sake loves werewolves from the table, we can find that the werewolves use times very much, in accordance with the current version, the werewolf is not in the strongest assassination echelon, but why so many werewolves use Sake and let the team win? I think that is a werewolf in the same team's tactical system, both you can help Rich et al POKE, on the other hand, the werewolf is strong for harvesting capacity crispy general output to do, plus Sardar is not at home team attention, this has a large shield and fully restrained werewolf heroes generally in the hands of MVP, can make Sake more unbridled use of the output of a werewolf and harvest. < relatively speaking, Kael'thas this point also help MVP played an awful lot advantages, in the face of strong teams, MVP Kael'thas often as a humble existence secretly output while waiting for discover each other, by eating the ball to complete the task in the early hugs a shield of Kael'thas seems to be a boss, can play, can control, but also anti, shield give yourself team assistant to buffer skills and better protect themselves. < also I observed, sake Kael'thas talent selection is not immutable, to cope with Illidan he will w a ping damage, in the face of other enemies he will choose the other way to deal with, which shows his understanding of Kael'thas beyond people's imagination. Kell, then this is not optimistic about the version, he used the hero played the results of the assassination of T1, had to admit that his own super strength.

#p#MVP.Black map strategy #e#

second, MVP.Black map strategy

purgatory altar: 5 matches < sky temple: four wins 3 losses 1

curse Valley: 2 victory < spider after the tomb: 2 victory < black Gulf: 1 victory < worth mentioning is that 90% of the cases is MVP choice map, and not the MVP priority BP, which was a problem: the MVP of the more energy into the map mechanism of for, and not the hero lineup for. < p > I think may have the following possibilities:

MVP in-depth study over the lineup play, especially in front of Muradin, these heroes in the Tassa Dahl, and is not hot Kael'thas domestic marine use.

MVP own hero pool depth enough to deal with the choice of any team, and have confidence in their own strength to beat the existing domestic team play.

MVP itself believes that the map mechanism is more difficult to grasp, which is comparable to the results obtained by the level of the domestic team.

no matter what kind of results, in fact, reflect a few questions:

MVP hero pool is not the bottom, enough to ignore the existing domestic team lineup tactical lineup, with personal technology to force the rolling.

MVP understanding of the map is more profound, more emphasis on the mechanism to grasp the domestic team.

MVP overall strength indeed than any team are stronger than a lot. At the same time, they in mastering the map selection at the same time, with familiar map to the games created advantage, and other disadvantages to the player's individual strength balance in order to achieve the invincible position.

#p#MVP.Black BP strategy and Tactics Selection #e#

three, MVP.Black BP strategy and tactics choice of

group match, the MVP team selection is very casual, we can see many strange heroes, Kerrigan, Dehaka and a field in the Cursed Valley Vikings, but MVP victory came over and before meeting the ESTAR can be said to be no pressure.

we sigh MVP strong at the same time, more need to see, MVP did not use the full to play these teams, until the encounter is now the country's top teams eStar. Although sky temple is ESTAR zero seals, but ESTAR finally defeated with MVP, we can analysis and in the ESTAR took Illidan system, MVP did what?

MVP took sangya, Tassa Dahl, Mu Latin Kyle, Texas. Sangya is for Illidan's maximum restraint, Kael'thas is tacit restraint, why? < because regardless of the sangya to overcome Illidan. Finally, it is hard to say kill Illidan, according to the current version of Illidan and the degree of flexibility, sangya can do to suppress, but do not kill, but MVP this hand Kael'thas is very deadly, ultra high W damage with talent and let Illidan is virtually impossible to escape, coupled with the domestic team emphasis on Uther milk volume low, pay attention to the protection of the auxiliary, let Illidan, Sal, and other heroes of the living environment is even more worrying, in the final analysis, this is the play by MVP Motou leads to the dilemma. < p > but is the use of this advantage, MVP force already, a force is a road gatethe gatekeeper, no one can stop, into the top 8, even if it is against teams like Xteam, MVP are started extensive use of sangya, Kael'thas the familiar routine. Coupled with Muradin, Tassa Dahl, and even Tyrande this control output of two is not mistaken for a double auxiliary also frequently used. The early lineup tactics completely abandoned, from now on is the real contest, is the real full MVP, but the domestic team has been pre MVP lineup selection and tactical distribution of the deception. Xteam is 3 to 0, the OMG is 3 - 0, these are actually reflect, although we can understand the MVP in tactics and team assigned, but wrong in our estimated overall strength of each other, in the eyes of the MVP, and may in addition to ESTAR and EDG other people are not real opponent, so early play casual, late serious, casual but not casual, earnest and utilitarian, which is now the MVP in the Golden League overall performance. < p > 4, conclusion

MVP in Golden League all the way to pass through, to almost undefeated record in advance to the semi-finals, the upcoming ESTAR realignment, once again led to a war. The finishing these data, and not to demonstrate the MVP invincible, but the objective analysis of the opponent's strengths to in the back of the game for themselves provided a wake up, to avoid the cutting edge. ESTAR as the saying goes, know ourselves baizhanbudai, hope soon and MVP of finals contention to flat mentality, face opponents and their own advantages, efforts to improve their own level, gain the final victory in the battle of the honor.

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