Finally, the DPP experienced the experience of "learning the merits of virtue."

People Cai Yingwen the road

guanchazhewang· 2017-12-05 23:30:49

[] to observe the reported net of the person taking turns, stepping on the sunflower student movement stepping stone again the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, finally, boomerang......

Taiwan's "Executive Yuan" Laiqing pushing is called the history of the most evil "" labor law amendment ", the" Legislative Yuan "review vote defeat. Yesterday (4) again "break the customs", after 13 hours, the Democratic Progressive party finally by the number of advantages through the first trial.

this day, the "Legislative Yuan", "legislators" fought all day; the Legislative Yuan, labor groups to protest outside this morning, sprinkle Mingbi, throw egg, road meditation, and once clashed with the police, the network will become a "merit flower".

voting process, the conference room suddenly cut, all is dark, the DPP on a number of advantages through voting, "labor law" first pass. (pictures are from the media, the same below)

Taiwan media reports, labor groups from day to evening continued to sit in protest at night in Ji'nan on the road, watching the "Legislative Yuan" live, had only fifty or sixty members of the labour group protests that evening about 9, suddenly increased to hundreds of people gathered in the "Legislative Yuan" Zhongshan road Qingdao East Road and throw Mingbi, loudly shouted "the DPP betrayed labor", and occupy the road traffic paralysis.

Taiwan police heavily-guarded, three blockade Cengcengbaguan, about 500 more than the police scene. In addition to the police body barrier, and barricades, railings, parking and other three arresting barrier leak.

the "Legislative Yuan" labor groups continued to struggle once left behind, towards the "Legislative Yuan" and expressed dissatisfaction with mingbi.

" protests gradually around the "Legislative Yuan", suspected of being looking for loopholes in control, ready to burst into the "Legislative Yuan", police began a large number of additional police force, carrying riot shields with go, 5 cars long bus patrol car. In the Near East Qingdao road.

" scenes of chaos, a large number of police arrived at the scene /p>

Taiwan police placards at 9:41 last night, to protest the people that they block the traffic violation, "rally method".

at 10 o'clock in the evening, 5 minutes or so, the police began to take the tactics of clipping, and would persuade the people to sit away from Zhongshan South Road, Qingdao East Road and West Road.

students and the police clashed in the streets (picture cut from Taiwan media)

" in addition to the labor group, there are a large number of students participating in the protest scene.

" on behalf of labor groups at 10:18 in the left and right, announced the protest site disbanded, meet after 1 months' comeback". Also called on the protesters as Cai Yingwen and Lai Qingde on any occasion, must shout "Jifaxiu work against evil", "labor law" to amend the law to protest action blossom everywhere.

part of the protest is not willing to leave. On the morning of 5, it was transferred to katgran Avenue. It was strongly driven by the police. The crowd, students and police were dragged and thrown eggs, which was chaotic for a while.

police deployed police rushed to Kay Road, in three placards, the people forced to leave, the police also forced these people onto the bus are set to guard the Nangang and Guandu etc, there are people in the pull a mouthful of blood, the police also smashed egg all over his face, and even the people in the car were carried to the car also refused to give in, continue to resist.

police smashed face class= egg

" the last remaining few protesters, police will drive them to Taipei after the hotel was dispersed gradually. After the

law examination, how to go?

case to keep the yuan ", the opposition will deliver proposals for consultation, after a month of negotiations after the frozen period, if unable to reach a consensus, the" Legislative Yuan "the fastest in January 5th next year, will be in the" will "vote. Due to the "Legislative Yuan" statutory period only to the end of December this year, if not the extension will reach a consensus, the DPP will propose to convene an interim meeting early next year on the bill.

"Premier" Laiqing by 4 days

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