Historical experience tells us that the school is not heating is also a matter?

A cold a cold a baby

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according to Qilu network reported that since the Shandong Linyi a middle school winter did not adopt the centralized heating measures, "lead to" half the students catch a cold, causing parents to question. Related news network

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which is also called "news"? This is also a matter?

my mind first emerge is Mencius words: the day will be down to the great man also, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of … …

then emerges is picture Island female students wearing skirt with bare legs walking in the snow.

a data source network

forgive me a little calm.

5000 years of civilization, how does not heat the year, no famous celebrity big Cafe froze to death in the classroom without heating.

Confucius lived 73 years old, Mencius lived 84 years old, Mo-tse lived 98 years old, and Chuang-tzu lived 83 years old. They all have the same characteristics: they are all from Shandong, but they don't have heating when they are young.

some students describe the cold in the classroom, saying that in class sleep can be frozen.

I am. To wake up, you have to fall asleep first - you can sleep in class without heating. If you have normal heating, wouldn't it be necessary to sleep at school? Is this the rhythm of the legendary boarding school?

parents take a cold to say something, which is even more untenable. Cold in Chinese medicine is called the cold, not heating is afraid of heat injury.

and a cold is a disease, too? The poetic argument is that the cure and cure a cold in there, it was always on a weekend afternoon Frence leave. Cold has always been a "incurable disease".

half students have a cold - not half of the students don't catch a cold. Can't we learn something good?

in the face of questioning, the school's answer is: school early, double day no class, not heating is to save.

this answer is simple enough, but not so tall. Please

me as a school spokesman, I will answer: first, no heating is to follow the ancient, to pay tribute to the Chinese civilization; two, sharpening will prevent drowsiness, improve learning efficiency, protect the environment and save energy three; … …

Mencius said it will be down to the great man, I say cold away. Put two pieces of warm baby, hungry sleepy drink xiangpiaopiao.

I finished, ask the other friend … … next time.

(editor Liu Wei)

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