The Ministry of education responded to "nine years of compulsory education for twelve years"

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renminribaokehuduan· 2017-12-05 23:32:13

"data at present, still do not have the high school education into the compulsory education, the main task is to accelerate the popularization of high school education pace, meet the needs of junior high school graduates to accept high school education. "For the recent nine years of compulsory education upgrading to twelve year system, the mid-term exam will be canceled." the response of the Ministry of education, the head of the basic education department of the Ministry of education responded that it is impossible to upgrade the nine year compulsory education to twelve years.

"this year, the four departments such as the Ministry of Education issued the high school education popularization and tackling plan (2017-2020 years)", and put forward the popularization of high school education in 2020. But popularization, obligation and free are three different concepts. Popularization of high school education focuses on solving academic problems, not involving high school education in compulsory education or free education. "The person in charge said that compulsory education is universal, balanced, compulsory and free." the compulsory education law of the People's Republic of China clearly stipulates that nine years compulsory education is implemented in China. Compulsory education is the priority among priorities, by 2016 China's nine years of compulsory education to consolidate the level has reached 93.4%, to promote the balanced development of compulsory education has made remarkable achievements, but the development of compulsory education is not balanced, full of problems still outstanding, a period of time in the future to further improve the compulsory education level and consolidate the balanced development level of the task is still arduous. "In the spreading process, to properly solve the family economic difficulties students go to school, now we have established the support system, the next step is to focus on high school students participatory family economic difficulties free work. "The person in charge said.

, at the same time, in view of the news that "the exam will be cancelled", the person in charge made it clear that it was not true. According to the overall deployment of the Central Committee and the State Council on deepening the reform of the examination and enrollment system, the Ministry of Education promulgated the guiding opinions on further promoting the reform of school enrollment system in 2016. We have always emphasized that the implementation of the junior high school academic proficiency test is not to cancel the mid-term exam, but to combine the junior high school entrance examination with the high school entrance examination. "The person in charge stressed that this reform is the improvement and perfection of the original mid-term examination system, aiming at establishing a new mode of school entrance examination and enrollment in senior high schools, giving full play to the correct guiding role of the examination and enrollment system in promoting quality education and promoting educational equity. At present, he said, the Ministry of education is actively guiding the implementation of local examination reform in accordance with the requirements of the documents and the actual refinement.

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