Have been beaten man with a stick killed cancer father

Father advanced cancer lung cancer

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, "I was hitting him hard with both hands holding the bar.

wanted to make him hurt and torture him … …" after

song and Mou killed a cancer patient with a wooden stick,

gave the police account.

three times with a wooden stick beat his father to death in June of

2016 years. The 74 year old man in song and so identified the advanced lung cancer. According to his daughter's statement, the old man who died after leaving hospital wanted to die in his hometown. In the afternoon of August 13th, the brothers and sisters sent to the old town of Jiahe town in Pulandian district were living together with their son, song and dun.

8 o'clock that evening, song Moumou in the yard when his father saw the light house, he was angry, scold father stood in the courtyard, also can go stick him at his window pointing to scare. Song and so then went into the house and scolded his father, and gave his father a slap with his hand.

"network pictures I want he tortured his pain"

song Moumou wife sumou said, "after his father was sent to the home, song Moumou has been in a bad mood, I will go out to the father, to comfort him. When he made dinner, song and so took a sickle to kill his father. I took it down when he went to the door. I persuaded him back to the house and hid his sickle. "

old several other children have arrived, found the old man dead, blood LAORENTOU and body, leg fracture. Other brothers and sisters criticized song and Mou in succession, and song and so even took up the saw to chasing his brother. When scares away his younger brothers and sisters, song and so return to the house and lie in the house until the police come to catch it. When the

was handcuffed by the police, he also sawed the police and was successfully uniformed.

"when my dad abused me, let me do heavy work, do not work, do not give me to eat, I often play It is without rhyme or reason. admitted to high school, I also not to read, so I hate him, I don't think he is from the heart of my father. "

" I call my dad when I was awake, his hands holding the stick hit him, just want to let him pain, torment him. "&hellip, &hellip,

, song and so"'s brothers and sisters confirm that song's character is introverted and stubborn, their father is a teacher, their temper is not good, their brothers and sisters are very strict, and something small happens to fight them. , song and so one of the most beaten, when his father hit people at all regardless of which part of the song, often towards the song and so on the head. The mother was more than 40 years old when the spirit is not good, and estranged father beaten by his father, stimulated was sick.

network with

Su confirmed, song Moumou in recent ten years began to love to drink, grumpy, hit. Song and XX had been hospitalized two times in 2013 and 2014, diagnosed as schizophrenia. The judicial identification of song and Mou is in accordance with the diagnosis of mental disorder (personality change) caused by alcohol; the assessment is the ability of complete criminal responsibility.

network with

was sentenced to death suspended for two years

song Moumou vile crime, crime is extremely serious, he should be sentenced to death. But in the light of song and XX, who was often scolding and scolding of the victim for his young years, he had been drunk for many years.

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