It was the most beautiful Zhao Min, more than 10 suicides, no one was known for 3 days after death

Father Zhao Min The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber Bai Biao

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"The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" this classic has been reproduced again and again, Zhao Min's role has also played a lot of people, Liza Wang, Cecilia Yip, Gigi Lai and so on.

but today uncle want to say is the 84 edition of Taiwan "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" Zhao Min actor Liu Yupu.

, at that time, she was only 21 years old, with big eyes and high nose and special facial features.

also disguised as men have no sense of violation, but some are more.

and her big ears are particularly prominent, all of whom say the big ears are lucky, but Liu Yupu is an exception.

she was born in 1963 in a military family in Taiwan. My father is very irritable temper, often to her mother and their siblings cuff and kick.

she later cried out to the outside world, "we can't lock the door in our bathroom because my dad is going in at any time with a stick. Do you know the inside of the toilet, and was Guangliu but no place to hide away, the screams you know? And then you can't protect my mother and brother. "

to early leave home, more than 10 year old Liu Yupu is out of work, and later because of the shooting a chewing gum advertisement and was scouted to Hongkong, signed the shore film with a great reputation.

and the martial arts superstar Shing Yee, Bai Biao took a lot of martial arts movies, like "one king" and "Avatar of Cassidy" "Shaolin" descendants of the "three red Shaolin" etc..

"The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber", she also appeared in the "vendetta" in solitary sword the "Jinfenshijia" and other hit series, the cause was also reached its peak.

but she chose to marry the celebrity at this time.

also failed to get married. In 2005, she agreed to divorce with her husband. She asked for no alimony. The only requirement was to visit two daughters.

during his marriage, Liu Yupu suffered from depression. He had lost 14 kilograms for 3 months and was often treated in a psychiatric hospital. But at that time people did not understand the depression, and she went to the mental hospital many times to make her family feel embarrassed.

depression should also be the fuse of two people.

because of depression, Liu Yupu had not Dutch act ten times, the sea jump cut wrist tried. The most serious one is because of his father's stimulation and spur swallowed 200 heart disease drugs Dutch act, finally rescued by friends.

she has also written a book, writing her own struggle with depression.

says, "there's a lot of wonderful places in life, and there are a lot of moving corners, so we have to live, live to experience, to live to share. Open your heart and let the soul fly freely! You will be surprised that life is a flower that is blooming and is smiling at you. "

thinks she can see such words strong to overcome the disease.

" but in the end did not, in May 14, 2009 she was member of the church found dead at home in bed. When it was found, it had died 3 days.

home no traces of fighting, and unspoiled, police at the scene found antidepressants, so you can judge whether she is Dutch act....

heard her ex husband's death also cried and rushed back to help take care of things.

46 the age of death of a beauty die when there's no one around, the body also was found three days later, think of is sad and sorry.

does not have a happy childhood, the cause of normalizing selection results yet married, marriage is not happiness, but also the last moment of life is suffering from constant chronic illness, no one to accompany. Is this the envy of the sky? Unfortunately, it's a pity.

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