Faye Wong is indeed the days, there are one hundred kinds of methods on the headlines

Faye Wong law headlines days later

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you are not in the rivers and lakes, rivers and lakes always have your legend. This sentence can be applied to Wang Feiceng, Faye Wong because of an old video once again being pulled out of the headlines! Wang Fei, the

shook the entertainment circle. She also wants to figure that out. "Because I'm a man, I can't get rid of it! "

but Faye Wong is the trouble is reduced to the minimum, for so many years she lived was quite self, speak very straight, sometimes straightforward is very cute. For example, this problem, the Internet has been quite fire. The biggest worry is? ]

although it is just a joke, but the feeling she was very cute very simple ~ sometimes think Faye Wong this person is not very good get along, the character is stronger, anti choking reporters. Words are very few, this point Dou Jingtong also said. The 2010 Concert, Faye Wong for many years again after the concert in Beijing, All seats are occupied. Class= img_box "

Chen Jiaying in the stage to Faye Wong said, come on stage to say a little more! The result? Faye Wong said only two words in the concert, thank you. Yang Lan had been very puzzled to ask Faye Wong: "to stand on the stage, you will not say it? "The answer is still short," Faye Wong said.

Faye Wong has been such a child, you can say that she lives in her own world. In her interview, will say that they are not a good deal with others. But also say, "I never think my character is not suitable for entertainment".

is suitable for entertainment in this circle because they do now, and is a Chinese pop diva class people. But still that sentence, I live in the entertainment industry for a long time, but for the sale of their own is very resistant to.

any of her feelings can be casually on the headlines. < p > both and Dou Wei

and Li Yapeng

or and Nicholas Tse

"content_img_p" pretty poor, is the character of Beijing big girl. This is the point that everyone from Faye Wong opened after micro-blog found. Like a lion, said the family is... Simply face you?

skilled use when season popular language of network

Yang Lan said feel that you are a person very poor! But the days later said it was just the way she was playing at this stage, because I felt like I had to have a game in my life, and it was not the same in every stage of the game.

character in the two daughters do not inadvertently "words and deeds". As a mother of two daughters, said he was lazy very impatient. Li Yan has been regarded as due diligence, after all, will accompany Lee on the ballet lessons. Class= img_box "

in the first daughter Dou Jingtong was born, she is still on the album full of the world's opening concert. Work well, do not work well, will bring Dou Jingtong around. Class= img_box "

to see the time of Faye Wong, just know what is called hot mom. Wait until the sinus of a large number of times, is exactly the way to get along with two friends. In the car the sit each, each with the busy (of course small Dou Jingtong may be something to attract live)

grown girl doujingtong was photographed and Wang Fei together to take the subway, is this picture. Two people playing with a mobile phone, have their own world.

and Li Yan, is now the teacher Li, the ancient spirit demon small adult appearance. Last year, a picture that everyone says is worthy of Faye Wong's daughter. Class= img_box "

Faye Wong is to let nature take its course, the two daughters are also let nature take its course. At that time Chen Jiaying to Eason Chan as a broker, the outside world is guessing the relationship between Faye Wong and Chen Jiaying. Later, Faye Wong said, because at that time she gave birth to a child would like to rest, just Chen Jiaying met Eason Chan, is so let it happen. Many of Faye Wong's criticism on the outside, she did not explain. She said she would reject some publicity, because she did not want anyone to remember her. Perhaps it is because of this, we will always put her at ease on it.

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