Who said the sheep Dao is just a decoration? Marin small fish on a single small fish routine

Routine decoration small fish just

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Marin in passers Bureau try to develop all kinds of strange on a single hero play, including a novelty version 6.9 Fisher people of single play < p > recently, clan LGD single player Marin in hanbok qualifying to prepare for the summer season. To this end, he also in the pub try develop all kinds of strange on a single hero play, including a novelty version 6.9 Fisher people on a single play, loaded walk sheep knife & three-phase line, the tyranny of the game, hit the amazing effect. Next, let small make up for everyone to bring the small fish on the single play raiders.

Marin sheep single knife fish < / strong > < p > a single small fish out installed ideas consideration

a lot of players might ask why on a single small fish do not choose choose meat + ice boxing equipment? The answer is passers-by Bureau and the professional game is different, the passers-by bureau need higher damage and need to better carry class, so version 6.9 on a single small fish selected semi meat / semi output is more appropriate. Marin in the use of a single small fish selection of equipment is the equipment used in the "

, ghost Suo of blade fury and three of the

< the combination of these two pieces of equipment can let the fish output reached the highest, it can be said is the best choice for the output.

1. why Marin selection of three-phase and not ice boxing?

on a single small fish people choose three-phase the biggest reason is because three-phase glitter effect is stronger, can provide 200% the next basic attack power bonus damage, and ice punch in weakening the extra damage only 100%.

2. why choose sheep knife?

new sheep knife inherits the meet the Devourer of phantom strike effect, but in fact, on a single small fish on the effect of income is some, but it wasn't very high. Lamb knife for small fish is the largest addition to the attack speed and AP/AD addition, you can hit the highest W.

3. this set of a pack of shortcomings: three-phase 3600, sheep knife 3800, add up to 74. If the development of fish is very smooth and get a head, of course should choose this set of equipment, but the development of general the molding equipment is a bit slow.

, abyss scepter and Icy Veins hand

< the two pieces of equipment, has the advantages of high price thief, not only provides decent damage / resistance and can help small fish will stack CD is very high, this for the fish is really great.

these two pieces of equipment how, what time?

ice boxing can replace a three-phase, although does not hurt if three-phase high, but after all, there are 20% of the CD and deceleration effects, very, very, very suitable for fish. While the corresponding, the abyss just to make up the magic resistance and the law to wear, and there are 10%CD, these two pieces of equipment should be seen in the case of the sheep before the knife, the sheep knife is suitable for second out of the.

small fish on the person's character talent recommended

we need to pay attention to is that the small fish on the unit will become completely different.

supercapacitors Rune option 2: the character Ike and the single Rune configuration is the same.

specific character configuration is the essence of the strength of the magic spell *3, mark attack speed *9, Fu Yin growth of life *9, glyph of growth CD*6, growth magic resistance *3.

second, talent point method

supercapacitors talent point method 1:Marin fish one talent point method, 0-12-18, deceit, a dangerous game.

1 "content img P" W on the ability to fight, level 2 e 3 Q. After vice principal w e, large.

second, summoning skill of division of

send flashes or transmit ignition, fish for flashes of requirements is not high with ignition is recognized as the most suitable for fish with method. But the new start on the single small fish players still suggest that the flash is better.

, core game ideas

1. pre game: W stamp, EWAAQ no wound blood transfusion, e is sometimes used to hide the key skills to ensure repair knife sterile hair. < p > a single small fish three relatively strong, more soldiers line hit EAA... Q without injury shake even strokes, but more waste blue, the first on-line with a 2 times about this combo on the line, do not put the blue light consumption. The method is the most stable line up a knife, the enemy changed W E stamp, to hide the key skills. There are wild to support the upper hand reducer E A.

2. mid play: the medium-term most critical, E, Q, R three skills entirely for the W service. With Ping A easy to kill.

6 after must use every possible opportunity to kill, the R increased injury, R and e deceleration, Q dash melee frantically open w a ping enemy, a away, fish can be unreasonable to leave e more towers to kill safe escape, after stack up the CD, small Murloc killing ability of very strong, when R using your transmission and ambush brought up the rhythm.

3. group war play: entry timing and location is very critical, the impact of the enemy's C bit output is the most important. < p > a single small fish group fights ability if not in so strong, will compare the test approach and the position of the harvest time, use around after or around after transfer to walk to the enemy position C caused a devastating blow, post stack full CD e CD skills is also very short can resist a lot of damage in wanton shuttle battlefield. < p > if it is a group of the unfavorable situation, the battlefield segmentation is a very good idea, you can use you r or displacement of Q E) to escape for battlefield segmentation, of course, the key is you w output how many can play.

operating skills & equipment selection

one, the operation skills

single skills Q/E/R casting skills are more basic skills.

1.EAAQ: on line shake combo skills, using E W A Q output speed, displacement of enemy minions. Need clear is that fish Q skills distance is fixed (refer to arthorn E), will play the fish can Q opened distance frantically playing pranks on the enemy.

2. more combo tower 1RWAEAQ: specific operation is the first R and r only reduction will not attract the hatred of the tower, r before the triggering a one to two (damage calculations), then E escape tower attack and stepping on people, a one to two, Q skills out of the tower of attack range.

3. tower combo 2RWAQAAE: into the tower to the ultimate w a ping and indirect Q, w have burn effect, make sure to hit to kill time e escape tower attack back to a safe position. < p > all in all, on a single small fish combo is for a better horizon, when you can use Q/E/R three skills two with a hammer to kill the time, you can also a skills show the operation of the.


1. builds equipment selection: select Doran's ring or corruption potion. The follow-up can be a kill ring, strengthen the recovery effect, turn along the murder book, not can when Lai line.

2. over loaded: Fisher people the most important excessive equipment will glitter, first in first out a glitter, according to the situation decision is the three-phase synthetic or ice boxing. Under the normal situation, the three phase and the sheep knife can only choose one of the two, the three-phase can make your property become more comprehensive, sheep knife can make you a set of skills hurt more. < p > here is recommended to small pieces of a charging method, selection of knife sheep sheep and three-phase knife, first in first out small. Then fill out the ice boxing big, and then fill out the knife sheep.


3. three sets: these two kinds of methods are relatively balanced and stable (individuals recommend the former). Of course, the situation can be super wind Yang knife + three phase + abyss.

4. Liushen: behind the equipment are to respond flexibly according to the situation, more than 6 just as one of a kind of situation can refer to. Ice fist + abyss + character of the CD reached 40%, the shoe can choose cloth shoes or mercury shoes, meat can also choose other Renton, plate armor and the like.

recommended combination & restraint hero

one, recommended combination

small fish as a single first combination must be wild, after which is the overall lineup. Play with wild side, the fish have a reduction on the offensive, the theory with general gank playing field can be played well. Of course control to play the wild nature is best, such as spiders, thousands of Jue, ray Clexane like with good control of the playing field can. < p > the lineup aspect, fish as a dashing hero, of course, hope that team also have some breakthrough type of hero can together with their strikes, with a displacement of the hero, of course, the best team is.

second, the restraint hero

fish people in the face of the current version with several melee form is advantage, for example, Ike, Bobby, trees like fish early very good play. But on a single small fish outbreak of ability is not strong, encountered burst ability strong melee or remote AP single line will be more uncomfortable. < conclusion

OK, above is version 6.9 on unit fish Raiders situation, and specific gameplay also need players personally started to experience, need to pay attention to is in the use of a single small fish master some small skills in operation, and can be done according to different situation of different equipment, which is very important.

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